Repeatedly questioned her community how to harvest 20 million users half a year

DoNews12, 23, (editor Chen Yanqu), one day in August, her community suddenly burst into fire. In the sudden increase in downloads, and beyond Taobao jumped to App Store life class list of first cases, some people began to doubt the results of the voice, a time brush list of questions come one after another.

almost at the same time, the author received a photo from my mother. This is the first time she has shared with me the content that is neither a health post nor a chicken soup. In this photo, the mother’s head wears a crystal hair, wearing an oversized dress skirt. Looks like ordinary photos are not different, but I almost immediately react, my mother actually has to play P map software? And photos of the lower right corner of the logo that is the source of this photo.

this is also the first time I’ve known that a App called her community has become popular in some unfamiliar circles. That’s what the beginning of the article says is her community. She also won the 2015DoNews Award for community leading industry best application.

on-line six months, access to 20 million users

as her community co-founder Li Li told reporters that, shortly after the line, the user amount of her community have rough and rapid growth, the total amount of users on the platform has been close to 20 million, the daily number of active users at around 1 million 800 thousand.

her community products mainly consist of "she said" (post, main information flow), "circle" (theme post), "virtual house" (trial product), news and mine. The main information flow is the post, and the drop down refresh will be recommended by the algorithm. Through the people, content agencies, the owners to produce content to attract users, while each user is also the content of the generator. The industry’s questioning of her community is in fact proof that her community is popular with female users.

for the community team, they have solved the first problem, the user.

Why does

want to be a female community,


earlier, her community team has had two years of experience in women’s product market entrepreneurship. In 2014, the company embarked on the daily new App, recommending women’s clothing on the basis of algorithms, and virtual fitting rooms.

Li Li’s view is that China, as a populous country, can be said that any market segments are also a huge market. Secondly, in the operation of the new daily process, found that women actually have a strong interactive demands, which is just a need. Therefore, the team decided to cut into the female community and provide a platform for women to pour out, express and interact with each other.

has a user coming in, and how is her community going to make a profit

, with the support of enough users, almost no one doubts the content production capacity of the community, but the profit model is not clear. It has always been a great difficulty for community products

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