Seven steps to determine an optimal degree of difficulty of the project

whether companies or individuals, whether small or large projects in the project, then live before, must first confirm the difficulty of optimization of the project, the project can not do, and then to the customer at a reasonable price, do not report to scare away customers, low at the expense of their own. Are some of the skills of the project, the following radish on the system to tell you about it.

step 1: check the hardware of the site,

The stability of the

server is an important element of the website SEO, the server is often a problem, even if you do SEO in Niubi is no good; the security of the server if there is security, whether it is often linked to horse, the website was hacked by traffic conditions; eat project, to know the server can also allow many people to visit do optimization first, to ensure that users cannot access the server not because broadband problem phenomenon; if the flow reached the requirements of the customer, the server can bear it.

second step: query the software condition of the website

website domain name registration number (you should know the registration period is longer, the weights of the domain name are relatively higher), the site of the online time; the structure of the site is standard, under normal circumstances, we will not go to the optimization project for customers of large-scale adjustment of website structure, unless the client can also add money. Of course, in large scale optimization project, site overall structure generally good; Web applications and database types, for the content of more projects, capable of carrying what the magnitude of the database is very important.

third step: query website history search engine impression

query website history search engine impression, in fact, to see if the site has been search engines black, has tried to ask the reason for being black.

fourth step: query website data

inquires the major search engine included amount, website snapshot, website Alexa ranking, web site outside the chain, website traffic, key keywords ranking and other data, need to query, and then list form statistics.

fifth step: website promotion before

this is a very important point, optimize the industry card low, competition is very intense, before the project is looking for you maybe he had been looking for other companies, but did not achieve the desired effect, to find you. At this time, you should from the relevant soft text, friendship links (mainly to see if they have bought links), so as not when the company on the home after some resources removed, the website data will drop and wonder.

sixth step: analyze competitor

Website data,

rival promotion means, optimize the operation ability of the estimated opponent team, is to give yourself a good position, to determine their own company or have the strength to compete with them. If you are a person, you go to compete with a team of more than a dozen people, it is really too difficult.

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