Some questions about how to improve website traffic

my website has been doing for a long time, and has been doing badly. Please ask the experts to help me analyze it carefully. Thank you very much,


station built in 99 years, the time is purely personal entertainment, very boring, spend time with, and so on and off for three or four years, never thought to do what optimization, to update the content of the website, because at that time working outside, do not have too much time to maintain. Later, I feel like I have a good software download, because I’m installing computers and repairing computers everywhere. I have to use a lot of software in many cases. Then the site on the big revision, big surgery, into software download, all are manually added up, belong to pure static form. Add a software, it is necessary to change the home page, at that time, did not use some of the online system, at that time, slowly join the grassroots ranks.

is approximately in about 06 years, I returned home, no wandering outside, the Internet time is right a little more, contact webmaster also slowly, website template level also had the appropriate promotion (this is certainly in the boast, after he recommended) the easy procedure, feel very convenient, you can add articles, you can also add software, can also add pictures, messages, friends of the chain. Enthusiasm came, with a cavity of enthusiasm, then insisted for some time (before April this year, I have never been like this two months, so insisted, and sometimes months do not move). Later, I joined the work, and the enthusiasm came again. What enthusiasm was it? Just taking part in the work, it must be enthusiasm for work. So I put all my heart and soul into my work, and the website was there again.

                job transfer; I served as technician, and then remembered my website. On the Internet recently read an article, personal website: live is successful, and this is almost the same, it is alive, and did not let this website hang, Baidu, Google and other major search engines have been included. Slow down the station and add a little more data. Through the relationship, get a permanent server, and then simply put the website to the server at this time, I know I made a mistake, the website and download resources on the same server, do not know if this is a common mistake? Later, a good friend of the introduction well, let me do a website, I didn’t listen to them. After a long time, also in March of this year, we are together after dinner, and then he went to my office, he said his website in profit, how many are much higher than in the profit, my salary, I will let him put his alliance, some open to me, see, I also silly, really work salary is higher than me.

pressure, the resulting power! At this time my website data there are hundreds of the (say it really makes you laugh at me). If again >

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