9 City sued blizzard demon animal may stop introduction

anger, only anger.

9 sued blizzard, we may not be able to continue the game, press and Publication Administration said, foreign enterprises disputes, once the foreign litigation and arbitration was proposed and accepted, the product will be stopped by the examination and approval. I am very clear, and now the NetEase is about to apply for "World of Warcraft" approval, precisely at this critical juncture, the precise point of time is really a tongue. Of course, I know, often a legal dispute could be just a few months, can also be a few years (the delay time is also a skill, some enterprises do not hope too hard), all of this is possible, but also I don’t want to also don’t want to think about the problem now.

originally did not want to ignore the server crashes and other things, broken things. But there is this kind of enterprise that makes you unbearable.

if I hadn’t heard of the blizzard incident in The9 yesterday, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the operator. Also did not expect, a lot of players are so support The9, some of the hair of the idea is even to my surprise.

now, I’d like to give my opinion on some of the current focus issues.

one, The9 is a good example of domestic enterprises,

some manpower is quite the practice of 9 cities, somebody says 9 cities are the pioneer that maintains domestic enterprise dignity. Unexpectedly, The9 company turned into a domestic enterprise pioneer, surprising. I don’t know if it is a pioneer in what kind of content, the prosecution must have seen the property damage compensation dispute. Now, the big websites have pointed out that "only the Blizzard employees broke 2 servers, the property damage compensation dispute, nothing to do with the game.".

there is a "commercial defamation dispute", at present, we have not seen the blizzard which news or conduct "attack" on 9, my guess is the last of the "patch" incident.

whether or not these annoying reasons, as a network game operators in order to trifle with Blizzard online game maker like "start", really necessary? This can only lead to "World of Warcraft" and the domestic game player to say goodbye.

Some people say

for Blizzard make HeiXinQian and against The9, I can only say that it was bad luck I saw these words. So, Blizzard games can not play, so it is not necessary to earn what "dirty money", but as you say, 9 cities to earn money because of high quality service agent? That seems "World of Warcraft" or "second choice, some have a sharp eye on the nine game player" the proxy service before playing the game.

two, Blizzard conceals business plan disputes?

has the player to say, it is Blizzard did not discuss with 9 cities, after the contract expires, replace agent thing. Other really do not want to say more, I would like to ask, the contract is expired, which agent will also be looking for an agent’s face?

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