How to use QQ to bring high flow

the method is very simple, once and for all. Every day you only need to spend two or three small hours, and you can make your website introduce huge traffic every day. No hang up, technical content is not high.

first thing: search engines to search for a picture (female, test result is the highest non mainstream type of idiotic), must be very attractive, but it is true that, is to see that it is a common picture, not a professional photographer that can choose photos in the scenic area.

second things: find a PS master, for this photo in the face, is this picture into a picture of no infringement..

third things: next to a city, a city search (take a map next to search), search the local dating network, such as Changzhou, Changzhou search friends network.

third things: in the dating network, publish a female membership information, and then put your photos on the left, do not write any ads in the QQ data. Because administrators need to audit, after the audit passed, the QQ changed to advertising.

fourth things: each city can only send one, do not repeat the hair, after finishing the material, one day you can send the 300 cities dating material.

fifth things: the record of each city release information of friends station address to a TXT file, and then automatically posting machine posts, only the 300 friends stand, 300*100=3WIP and a friends stand, at least have thousands of traffic, we are through the search engine to search, the natural flow of higher.

a QQ, a day can bring huge traffic, not a flicker of people, their own testing. The main reason is that the flow continues to accumulate, the daily flow is increasing.

now, in the Internet age, we should make good use of tools. Such as domestic 51 exchanges, Baidu blog, YAHOO, and so on

specializes in building his own blog, and then hangs it with the tools of automatic blogging. It works very well. (


can also make full use of QQ space traffic

open QQ, login a friend’s QQ space, leave a message, and then click on the other friend’s QQ space message. In this way, cycle down, the key is that you leave a message to attract each other to click, so you have been stepping on each other.

leave content:

haven’t been in your room for a long time. I’ve been busy making a website recently. The last time you said I wouldn’t do it, I’ll show it to you. Mainly said that puzzling, attract QQ space users to click, adhere to 2 hours a day, IP will have 3000 methods a day is indeed feasible, mainly a bit stupid, suitable for no flow of new sites, it is difficult to do standing. Suggest that your website content should be rich, otherwise your promotion is only temporary.


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