Cai Wensheng grassroots attack counter domain name registration stunt 1 domain name at least 1 mill

review: Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi, a high school dropout, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, Chinese became the most successful domain name investors.

he had single-handed, grabbed about one hundred thousand Internet domain names, the total valuation of more than $100 million;

he had never graduated from high school, English is rotten, but the website sold to Google, has become a large number of VC functions;

, he is the first angel investor, many of the websites have been popular with tens of millions of dollars.

he and another super webmaster do 4399 game site, is likely to be more than Chen Tianqiao made "platform operators"".

at the end of June this year, 30 year old Li Xingping got his own life for the first time flying experience, all the time, he rarely left his home in Guangdong city of Xingning. And the only three times out of the province, this time Li Xingping’s destination is Fujian, Xiamen. The difference is that his friend and partner Cai Wensheng flew from Xiamen to Guangzhou to travel with him.

they’re talking about the next plan for the 4399 game site, where two people work together. In fact, the investment of less than 1 million yuan of personal leisure game portal, in 40 years, the Internet has become the brand Google hot 2008 ranked seventh, the current monthly income of more than 10 million yuan, more than $80 million in private equity valuation. But they refused to invest for the time being. "We’ll take our money, and 4399 have the chance to do a great job. IPO is just a small goal."." Cai Wensheng laughs.

he and Li Xingping, perhaps the most grassroots combination of China’s internet. Are successful individual webmaster, the first opponent, after a friend, is now a partner, but also completely complementary. Li Xingping extremely introverted, do not understand management, habits alone. CAI has rich experience in business, contacts and capital trust.

understanding of grassroots users, no one in China’s Internet community dare to say that he is stronger than Li Xingping. His junior high school culture, installed computers, Internet cafes, in May 1999 to create site navigation station, the highest single day visits, more than 30 million, comparable to Sohu. In August 2004, Baidu bought it at tens of millions of dollars.

Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi people, a high school dropout, early years to help the family do clothing business, moved to Southeast Asia in 1993, after returning home in 1999 began to do domain name business, becoming China’s most successful domain name investors. In 2003, Cai began to mimic hao123 as a web site,, in 2004 to obtain IDG and Google investment, in 2007, Google China to tens of millions of dollars (Cai Zicheng) price acquisition of 265. Before and after, Tsai began investing in companies that included investment in storm videos, express trains, CNCN statistics, and ZCO>

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