Analysis of user behavior in industry station

has seen such a sentence on the Internet, to retain users, thorough analysis of user behavior, the site will be able to do the industry leader. At that time, just contact SEO, do not quite understand the meaning of this sentence. With their in-depth understanding of the SEO and responsible industry website analysis, feel that users of Web site behavior analysis is the majority of Seoer who most need to work hard to do. Users are not only the direct users of search engines, but also the final judge of the quality of service. If you want the website to be invincible, you should follow and analyze the behavior of users using search engines, and make the optimization strategy accordingly.

1 traffic analysis

look at the site traffic statistics, must be the daily work of the vast number of Seoer. Site traffic statistics allows us to understand the user’s access habits, user sources, long tail word sources, and so on, we can draw access to the law of users. After mastering the access rules of most users, the next step is to work out a targeted optimization strategy to get the results we want. Take the clothing investment website below as an example to analyze the user’s behavior briefly.

industry website must be rich in content, in addition to information, products, brands and other basic elements of the site. Also include clothing association, clothing business school, clothing market and so on can bring the flow and the potential customer’s column for the website. Content is rich, it is bound to PV will be corresponding growth, thereby increasing user stickiness, and to lay the foundation for retaining users.

the content is rich, then there are primary and secondary points. Websites, channels, and columns vary, and the preferences of search engines vary. Seoer have this experience: the main content included Baidu effect is not good, "unintentional" page that let Baidu spider from infatuation". No matter what way the user enters our website, we should induce users to click on our main push column, which requires us to optimize the page which is easily accessible to the user in time. For example, you can find a prominent location on this page to push our main push content.

aiming at different industries to make targeted adjustments. Also take 3188.TV as an example: clothing investment website, of course, is pushing brands and products. By analyzing traffic statistics, it is found that clear clothing is easier to be clicked by users than smaller ones. The same series of products, directly click on the picture to enter the next picture, put more right than the picture on the right or other location. You can see the following two kinds of picture browsing effect,, obviously, the first effect more in line with the characteristics of the clothing industry.

2 user retrieval process analysis

we can use Baidu index to analyze hot topics in clothing keywords

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