Membership electricity providers WELHOME can become China’s version of Jet

lead: winter often think, "have WELHOME membership model, mobile providers in the red sea blue ocean, which is the middle class in the shopping experience gap," let them feel out of the ordinary business."


reported that the giant Ali has quietly participated in the U.S. membership electricity supplier website Jet B round of financing. Let’s introduce the magic site on the other side of the ocean. Last year, when it was not on the line, Jet received $80 million in A round of financing. In February this year, it has to take the money, this is the BAIn Capital to get $140 million B round of financing investment, this round of financing in the valuation of $600 million, at that time, it is not on the line! However, Jet has finally launched. In the face of consumers and peers, Jet appears to be subversive gesture, the flagship of the whole network lowest, directly challenge the Amazon, the model is more like Amazon and Costco (the largest chain of membership warehouse discount store, charges $55 a year membership fee) fit, membership category price electricity supplier.

specifically, Jet is a Amazon like the whole category of electricity providers, including food, clothing, books, electronic products, baby supplies, sporting goods and so on. It is reported that Jet has now and Sony, Store,, Sears and other hundreds of small and medium-sized retailers to reach a cooperation. But after all, it doesn’t look like God. Unlike Amazon, Jet won’t be open to everyone: after 90 days of free probation, you have to pay $50 a year for membership fees to continue using it. As a member of the return, Jet said the price of its website will eventually be 10% – 15% cheaper than any other electricity supplier. In other words, Jet’s profit comes mainly from membership fees, rather than commissions per transaction (Amazon commissions ranging from 8% to 15%). According to Jet, consumers spend about $150 a year on Jet. So, Jet is like a fit of Amazon and Costco, or, to be sure, it’s an online Costco.

recently on the line of electricity supplier App, "one after another" WELHOME, the flagship is also a membership system, obviously and Jet have similarities. "There are many WELHOME," said founder Chang Dong. "The core business models of the two are similar. They build fast shopping channels on top of the existing business logic.".

looked up, winter often said, "have WELHOME" is mainly for family membership service business platform, because home shopping needs is the biggest characteristic of periodic purchase, such as toilet paper, the basic needs of every once in a while purchasing a >

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