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" is actually quite empty. You can often hear him, but you often ignore him. Especially in a big company, leaders often mention this word, but there are not many people who really understand it. Our company, I want to cheap nets, attaches great importance to this.

every year, China has many companies opened, and many companies have closed down. Chinese isn’t the lack of creativity, not even the lack of money, it can be said that Chinese is the most creative people in the world, you can see from the various methods, as long as careful observation, you will find that in our life, full of our ideas, and rich people, really the invisible rich, is also very much. But in every year, there are still many companies go bankrupt, you can open a company, there is definitely a little bit of money, but the boss, certainly not of course, because of the lack of ability and cleverness, head and open the company to be excluded. One of the most important reasons why they can’t go on is the lack of execution.

maybe you have a very good idea, and there’s a lot of money to support the idea, but without good execution, it’s hard to succeed. After all, now is the market economy, competition is very fierce, we are in progress, are also exploring opportunities, once found is a money making idea, certainly there will be tens of thousands of people as long as the execution of a stampede in, not in place, people first.

in fact, we all know what the executive power is and how important he will be tomorrow, but there are not many people who really keep him in mind. Not to say that every day shouting executive power on the importance of attention. But to do, in order to understand his effect, when a project begins, if you get this project schedule list, and then one to achieve? No, maybe you listed, but a week later, the plan was on the desk somewhere, until the end of the project no one to move him. Everyone has an inert, doing the same thing every day, we will ignore the other things, of course, every day to do this project, you wouldn’t think of the progress of the project in the end how should reflect on some problems in this encounter, the plan is really effective. So, at this point, we should list some problems in time, and then solve them one by one. If not remind yourself from time to time, a lot of things will come to nothing.

China is a country where bureaucracy is prevalent, in state-owned enterprises and in private enterprises, as long as a little larger companies will have them. Leaders often talk about something that looks great, but they don’t really care how they do it. Because they never consider the question of the force of China Merchants Bank, can not do is one thing, good or bad is another matter.


has many year business people, but not many truly successful people of course, maybe this intermediate element of luck, but more is that successful people are very strong, China Merchants Bank people, they will have a thing has been orderly.

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