Talk about grassroots webmaster must learn adhere to and imitate the spirit

grassroots webmaster on the Internet now not only need to adhere to, but also need to learn the spirit of imitation. Site positioning of the imitation, imitation of the content of the site, the operation of imitation, can bring a lot of traffic and money to their website.

some friends often insist on "two characters", but few of them can persist. Shanzhai version of the site 4399, small game webmaster is a good friend of mine, I can say, in the two aspects of persistence and imitation, he has achieved great success, Baidu search 4399, ranked second is his website. After several years of website operation and communication experience, he let me know how to adhere to and imitate.

, first of all, talk about persistence, why insist, perhaps is to give yourself the biggest problem. What you insist on is what you are aiming for, and whether you stick to the right direction and the right direction, all of which indicate that you will succeed in the years when you adhere to your website. When we can clearly understand the location of their website, content, access to the crowd and the purpose of website operations, perseverance will play a role. Otherwise, these are you too stubborn!!! So stick with a sense of purpose and need a strong sense of direction, the 4399 is with the promotion of HAO123 copycat webmaster Li Xingping on the 4399 game of the 4399, and the smell destined to success. He knows that 4399 can become a brand, Li Xingping can adhere to.

How does

learn to imitate spirit?. Imitating site positioning and operation will lead you to a high traffic platform, of course, the imitation here does not mean that after reading this article, to imitate a SINA or NetEase. As a webmaster, we should know well on their own, and the site is not we can be good at operation, the best solution is small and fine, attention. 4399 small game network positioning itself is very clear, to online FLASH as the center, to provide online trial game. Therefore, in the road to success, we need to achieve a clear goal and content positioning.

in short, from imitation to persistence needs a long process, even in the operation of the site on the way, lost sense of direction also needs to be revised and adjusted as soon as possible, so that the existence of persistence will be meaningful. (text: surf no trace source site:, welcome to reprint)

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