Website revision needs to pay attention to several problems

below is for the website revision may encounter several situations and suggestions, just for reference:

a website revision, select what kind of content management system (CMS)


now most websites have CMS, which can save a lot of time to edit articles and simplify maintenance and management. Even a site without CMS, it’s easy to add CMS. A good CMS requires more than just managing and maintaining the content of an existing web site, but also flexibility and extensibility that can help you build your site better.

CMS can help us maintain and manage websites better, but for the time being, most CMS are lack of search engine friendliness and difficult to adapt to search engine rules.

evaluation of a CMS search engine friendly, you can be evaluated by the following points: you are in edit and submit the homepage, whether through the CMS is independent of title and meta as a web page, generated by CMS "URL is a search engine friendly (such as whether URL do static processing). You can change the edit content, such as text editing and editing by code view; can add a link to the text; as settings for the navigation structure of search engine friendly, if you care about your web site in the search results page position, these are very important.

two change management system (CMS) needs to be answered

management system (CMS) after the revision, the file name and directory change, "URL suffix may be changed from.Html to.Asp and.Php, although the content or the previous content, but is already a new" different.

major issues: old websites have been included in the search engine, a higher PR value, and in the search engine results page has good performance. After the revision, the old pages will disappear from the search engine, and then disappear is the existing high quality traffic. Instead of old web pages, new pages need to be re indexed by search engines, and the PR value is 0.

if you choose not to delete the old web page and let it hang with the new web page, then your website will be faced with the situation of copying web pages, thus be punished by search engines.

solution: let search engines know your old website has been changed into another new page, which set the 301 permanent redirect page, tell the search engines at this page is no longer used, and it will be a permanent point to replace it page. Then, the old web links before and the PR value will gradually transferred to the new web page.

sets the 301 page as follows: in the Unix/Linux operation environment, the redirection code is put into the file htaccess, such as the i> before you edit it

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