Six basic elements of a good forum

in five years, I have been doing is a forum, many people usually see these experiences, I also want to talk about how to do the forum!

lives in Shenzhen knows that this is the most developed an Internet City, just call the Shenzhen forum website will soon be able to find the one hundred or two hundred population, not much, so many people in a traffic is not so much! So do in Shenzhen local forum super hard! I used to a company to do the Shenzhen forum, when the popularity is very short, often about half of the renovation, I manage the forum from a day post about two hundred, nearly four K, Baidu search Shenzhen forum has been ranked first


below to talk about how to do a good forum,


domain name: 1) to make a website to have a good record of the domain name, it is often a good domain name determines the success or failure of a web site, so we must be careful to choose for this! Once checked, if they have other high weight or friends have the right to an important site first, tied to them, so that our domain name two or three days may be Baidu included, a station made out of Baidu update soon, do not have to be included in a


2) election procedures: now everyone started to use the DZ, this is the best, we must first take some time to open some do good DZ forum, one by one comparison, what other good features, and their combined advantages of a! If you do not come out now. There is a master, can find someone to imitate, but what early to spend money! Make a good interface, it is easy to stick to the people! You can see my forum in Shenzhen, on the top of the plugin is spent looking for friends to do one thousand pieces! Well, is not good, then I the plug-in in the DZ forum, shared with other friends, Adsense brothers got benefits, at least it will send a chain, some not too will be installed, will find me, some people don’t want to waste my work, back to the point of return, earned back the cost! In order to do the forum must have what, the next point is still feasible!


3) do today. Fortunately, I made from the company’s Shenzhen forum has ranked in the top four Baidu, with almost five months! I do stand, the content is the most important, we repeat the most, not only focus on some forum IP, the most important of the forum is to retain people, so users have to do! For example, once very hot, Shenzhen woman nets is a counter example, they gather a bunch of girls, before the fire, but then began to pursue the flow, with some "obscene", the traffic is up, but not stick people! We Shenzhen forum is a very hard to get content most recently, looking for hot, but also has the local color, rich flavor of life, every day to guide it, easily attracted a lot of people have a common topic! "

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