With sincere service to retain customer’s heart

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sincerely, reflected in the price. Are you willing to waste their money on worthless things? You don’t want to, the customer is not willing to, but also want to maximize the money, with the least money to do the most successful. The customer is not a fool, he will consciously find the same products in the difference between different businesses, since it is the same product, it is cheaper and better. Why do you choose to buy your product? Because you are cheap? Why not you are the cheapest or choose your product? Because you are with.

sincerely, and in their best. I made an analogy, civilink type II 150M virtual host, the official selling price is 620 yuan, to a taobao.com nets agent’s price, wow, well, since it was sold for 100 yuan, and some even do not cherish the agent in order to complete the performance at a lower price lose money selling! In the face of such temptation, customers are still willing to spend 250 yuan to buy the II 150M virtual host here? It is because you do not try. The pink of perfection of products, when there is a problem, you do not try to deal with the virtual host, to spend one hundred yuan to buy, what is the use? Is out of money stomach gas.


sincerely, but also in empathy. Think of yourself as the client himself, by himself on the way to talk about. I recommend a good product, the good method. In many technical problems, customers do not know, sometimes the customer demand is not suitable, or is a waste, and what you don’t try to inform customer? In fact, I know it is very contradictory, sometimes saying more is not good, the more you explain it, but the more customers doubt you lied to him, well, a few more words, the business can not. You can take out the sales of products, you must be carefully selected customers want to buy nets. The host, you said the new network how talkative, he asked what else you say, talkative Xinwanghulian how. Oh, don’t expect business. He left his mind. Ah. Contradictions. To do this is not easy. Only knowledgeable customers will understand you Pains.

sincerely, require additional support. You may be asked to teach him to upload and download web pages, or even ask you to help him download upload. These requirements, seemingly with ease. But doing it hard. But you don’t help him, no one to help him. If you’re on your own computer open a software to do things for him. He will be touched.

sincerely service. Yes. To retain the hearts of customers. When you have no advantage over others, you have to get.

in good faith

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