The development of web design difficult to overcome three major problems

many people have mastered the techniques of making web pages, but the essentials of web design still need to be improved. Some people think that more colors, more pages, and better design. But the fact is, especially for beginners, to get rid of three problems: first, the text visibility is too low; secondly, the lack of "primary colors; color collocation" impact on visual fatigue.

text visibility is too low, popular, that is to say, the contrast between color and color is too low, beyond the scope of human visual recognition. The background color and the text of the page combine together, and the collocation of the text and the background becomes a difficult problem.

many novices, in order to make the whole page "harmonious", ignore the identifiability of text. We should pay attention to a theorem here: smart color background, we use the identification of low lightness color words will be better; and the low brightness of the background, the color of the text is highly better recognition, but it can not choose the background color and text values are similar, so we can distinguish words content.

the contrasting effects of different colors, such as beige, are lower on the white background, but orange is high. Orange has both red and orange, a little, soft and crisp, and the standard RGB is R:255, G:97, B:0. It can be said that orange, as long as it is not too close to the same color, shows the content is very clear. So orange is a striking color, and of course, red too.

we’ll analyze other colors, green and red, green and grey, purple and red, purple and black, green and black as the background color and text color together to see the degree is relatively low, the effect is poor. Of course, when we pick the colors, we should first notice the four colors, red, yellow, orange and white, because these colors are high in brightness, high in purity and suitable for writing colors, but they are not applicable to the background.

The lack of dominant colors on the

page should be said to be "a legacy of history."". Earlier years, when China’s Internet was less developed, web pages were relatively crude and lacked uniformity. In today’s fast developing world, messy web pages have made users feel sick. If the title with a color image with a background color, a color, a color Logo, everything with a color, it is like "paint bucket, the variety of colors is complicated, not fit to be seen can not be focused. So, we should think about the content, the color of the background, all the colors, or the colors of the title, the main colors, and the other colors. Of course, pay attention to the text visibility as well as the beauty of the whole page.

The so-called

visual fatigue, in web design, is the user access to web pages, although want to highlight the text is very obvious, but there are some dazzling, then there will be visual fatigue, sore eyes. Take the red for this

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