Small steamed stuffed bun can also make big business

Xiaobian that no matter what you do, as long as you do not complain, must be in the public in the talent shows itself, do well, even a little baozi inn.

is just a baozi Inn in Hangzhou, at the corner of the street in the morning, the morning of the heavy traffic, people lined up, orderly ranks with the early morning exercises uncle aunt, also have to catch the bus to work for white-collar workers, they just came out, waiting for a hot buns in Gansu the Baozipu before eating.

such a scene, I do not know when it has become a silhouette of the lives of people in Hangzhou. The steamed bread and this traditional pasta also let Gan its food become a dark horse in the field of food and beverage chain, not long ago, this small steamed stuffed bun attracted 80 million of the capital of the day figure capital.

what makes a small steamed stuffed bun was spread into today’s fast growth is what makes the upstart? Venture firms have come to rob investment? Today, reporters led us to explore the way of business Baozipu boss Tong Qihua.

Tong Qihua: I am a businessman, there will be opportunities to try

China International seven floor, Gan its food headquarters, elevator wall on the wall of the sweet food for the next year’s poster, the office layout of the elegant and modern, it is difficult to imagine this is a food company’s headquarters in.

1975 was born in Tong Qihua is also different from the impression of the 70, the fashionable dress together with the office is full of calligraphy and painting, the literary fan of the business executives and his career there is a mix of steamed stuffed bun through the sense of.

Tong Qihua is a standard engineering male, graduated from Tongji University, College of automation control. Before doing the steamed stuffed bun shop owner, he sold shoes, clothing business, opened a hair salon and even Internet cafes…… In his words: "I think I have a little bit of business talent, as a businessman, business opportunities will try."

was born in Zhejiang, Wenling’s Tong Qihua, left home at the age of 9, but he had the unique character of Zhejiang businessmen, dare to "out of thin air", "good" to Big deal ", a small high". Can start from making money, and then gradually make big money.

Tong Qihua has spent several years in the study of steamed stuffed bun before making his food, so that the traditional crafts of the steamed stuffed bun has its own standards. Whether it is stuffing, dough and its transport, distribution, production, or finally to the customer to the moment, all operations have to meet the standards.

"only standardized in order to run fast do not fall." Just hit >

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