Ye Liangchen acting was approved high popularity also need to be polite

is now a variety of red is the highest level, some time ago, Ye Liangcheng came out of the red, even when the actor, but his acting was criticized by Guo Degang and. At that time, "most acting was awarded" this topic again.

boarded the "DreamWorks" flower stage, leaf Liang said: "I have their own perception of performance, I was playing my own story." He will network "most quotations" onto the stage, by way of phone calls "my time" is the reproduction of leaves, sonorous and forceful tone, full of overbearing president fan children.


Guoli Zhang first time leaves sullen eyes, leaves most on the stage of "I am a leaf" interpretation of stories at the same time, the three mentors seats also discussed the intense, Guo Degang said her head helpless, confused, catch key performance.


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