Know how to make business better

blindly "brains" in the current society, I am afraid that will only make business worse and worse. So, if the shop to do business, want a better business, want to get more customer recognition, but also need us to know how to change. I shop for many years, I think the most important thing is to do business two words – flexible, my business has benefited from these two words.

flexibility to make candy marketable

my shop since the opening, the business has been bad. Online shop is a candy, more brands, each brand of candy are independent packaging. Customers often have to buy a little bit of this brand, but also to buy some of the brand, and do not want to buy a bag of each brand, so let me open, want to be a little bit of each brand. If the package is removed, how can it be sold? Therefore, whenever someone put forward this request, I do not want to, immediately rejected.

although every day to patronize, but not many people really buy. To this end, I am very distressed. One day, there is a customer to buy points, because there is no customer, I would like to give it an exception bag. I took more than a dozen brands of candy are open, each kind of gave him some, then sent to him in the past. A few days later, the customer received, he was very satisfied, give me a "5 points", then write a lot of praise. Perhaps affected by his influence, a lot of people to patronize, this time I do not want to think, and immediately to their packaging. In this way, a twenty hundred, more and more people come here for shopping, a month’s time, I sold 2000 yuan of candy, but this would have been unthinkable before!

through this thing, I am filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, we should learn to do business flexibility, only flexibility in order to win their own opportunities.

allows grapefruit to sell a wide range of

to the grapefruit season, in order to be able to grab the "first prize", I had a good plan to enter a number of grapefruit. That day, I used the car into a number of large and round grapefruit, see these gratifying grapefruit, I am very pleased: it seems to be able to make a small profit!

but grapefruit has come in for two days and still has no customers. I was very angry at the moment, how can I do? At this time, I found his son in the painting, immediately came inspiration. Why don’t you let your son paint on grapefruit? So I asked my son to draw a variety of patterns on the pomelo.

son is happy to give each grapefruit are makeup, see these beautiful grapefruit, my heart is full of brilliant. Those special grapefruit has become a beautiful landscape of my home, every day to attract a lot of customers stop to enjoy. Gradually they began to buy, not only the sales of grapefruit is very hot, but also led to the store other providers >

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