Remember the ten shortcuts to success

who does not want their fate can be reversed, and hope to change their current situation through entrepreneurship? If you want to succeed in business, you need to find a shortcut, only the right way to help us quickly embarked on the road to success. So, what are the shortcuts to success? This paper introduces ten kinds, for your reference.

, a competent employee hired some bosses fear hiring too savvy employees, but many entrepreneurs believe that hiring competent employees, not only help to expand the business, and you can also learn from them, so many entrepreneurs attributed their success to "employ savvy than their employees".

two, other companies have the opportunity to learn if other companies (whether the total management of large company or small company) service, should carefully observe the boss’s business strengths, for your business will be of great benefit.

three, often with entrepreneurial experience who have practical experience of others as long as the dinner you lack, you may wish to actively offer each other’s space time, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and this kind of "from" dinner talk, learn their ideas and to the heart.

four, and employees have lunch in a small business, the boss and the main staff every day for lunch, can strengthen the exchange of ideas, solve problems and learn from each other, is yijushude way.

five, the use of "trial and error" learning methods usually, when you ask entrepreneurs how to learn business management, they will answer "from the trial and error learning experience". Explore the experience may not be the most effective model, but their understanding of the business tips, usually the most precious, the most real.

six, to broaden the sources of information to read more books, magazines, newspapers, business communications and transaction publications, are extremely valuable sources of information.

seven, the use of the wisdom of suppliers suppliers are not only familiar with the business of the bank, but also can provide a lot of special information to help you.

eight, pay attention to the customer’s complaints and praise from the customer’s voice, enough to show you the lack of in order to improve in time; if some of your measures are very correct, you should continue to do better.

nine, keep looking for questions as long as you ask questions, most people will be happy to answer your questions; your questions can attract the attention of others, and then get their love. Similarly, if someone asks you a question, you should answer as much as possible; if you wish to know more, you must first pay more.

ten, entrepreneurial guidance training when you want to start a business but do not know how to start the business

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