Migrant workers will implement the real name system to sign a contract to work on behalf of the bank

recently Deputy Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social, said that China will implement the real name system for the national migrant workers, after the signing of the contract for construction. And by the bank on behalf of wages, to prevent the occurrence of arrears of wages.

for the problem of wage arrears outstanding engineering construction field, Qiu Xiaoping stressed that the next step is to implement as soon as possible to the general contractor of construction project of the wages of migrant workers pay responsibility; construction contracting enterprises should strengthen subcontracting enterprises employment and payroll supervision and management, not to package escrow for some enterprises; the main responsibility for the payment of wages is difficult to implement, to establish and improve the wages of migrant workers special account management system, promote the wages of migrant workers and engineering materials, such as phase separation, to ensure earmarking; on the malicious suspected of a crime, will increase the punishment, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; the establishment of wage arrears enterprise "blacklist" system, so that enterprises in the credit the nationwide "illegal everywhere restricted".

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