Man opened the studio to take a certificate according to how millions of years

this is a look at the face of the times, whenever you see the document without a sense of beauty, I believe a lot of people feel ugly turn, but all the photos taken by the photo gallery will always be consistent with the ugly".

36 year old Chen saw the certificate according to the United States, the needs of the studio began to take a license according to the business. More than a year, from one or two inch size photo shoot, earned millions of dollars, revenue doubled by 5 times. The day before yesterday, the reporter came to his studio, to see his money tips.

this photo studio, open in a residential housing in Shapingba District in the city of Chongqing. Area of about 50 square meters, is divided into the studio, the two make-up area, the three computer repair area, waiting area.

7 years ago, Chen Ke resigned from the advertising company, and his wife Chen Mei opened a wedding photography shop, a year income of about two hundred thousand yuan, the last business is getting worse. Last March, the 4 arts high school girls in your house took a passport is not satisfied, found Chen Ke to snap. 30 yuan of money to earn too little business, Chen did not agree with the original section, but can not stand the customer’s request promised.

"specially came to me, is trust. Not just click a few wrong, like the film and art photography process, helping them to make-up, photography, retouching, received 50 yuan per person." To his surprise, the customer returned to bring a class of students. After two or three months, there are customers deliberately find the door, only according to the documents, a customer service after half an hour, there is no time to do other photography business, they deliberately put the price up to $80.

A few months after the price

, on-site identification photo of customers not only did not decrease, but more. 3 months of income of $100 thousand, equivalent to the previous dry year. "I suddenly found that customers are directed at the certificate of ‘beauty’ to find me." In July last year, Chen branch to change the operating line, do the high quality certificate photo shoot. In addition to the company’s business license, but also registered trademarks.


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