Sichuan college students entrepreneurship subsidy policy

just out of college students, some choose employment, some choose to start their own business. But for college students who want to start their own businesses, taking into account whether the government has the relevant aspects of entrepreneurship subsidies is the most concerned about them. The Sichuan college students entrepreneurship subsidy policy will have?

has learned that for college students entrepreneurship, Sichuan will give 10 thousand yuan venture subsidies, entrepreneurship training subsidies and guarantees for college students venture capital loans and other benefits. In addition, for college students to enter the entrepreneurial park (incubator base) entrepreneurs, but also provide rent relief and entrepreneurial guidance services. In the field of entrepreneurship, college students are also very rich choice. Where laws and regulations do not prohibit the country’s industries and areas, will be open to all types of entrepreneurs.

in terms of entrepreneurship subsidies, the government provides entrepreneurial support funds, each project grants 10 thousand yuan. How to apply? Reporters learned that the Sichuan Province ordinary higher school full-time college or within 5 years after graduation, unemployed college full-time graduates (including the national recognition of qualifications of overseas returnees) can participate in entrepreneurship training and obtain the certificate, apply to the local public employment service agency.

in addition, college students to open shop can enjoy business subsidies, up to 10 thousand yuan.

tax incentives

tax deduction fee of $9600 per


in addition to business subsidies, college students can enjoy preferential tax incentives. The college students hold "unemployment registration certificate" and "entrepreneurship for college graduates engaged in individual business card", in the year of graduation, 3 years 9600 yuan per household per year for the quota, in order to deduct the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and personal income tax.

graduate 5 years in the creation of a physical store, as long as the new employment of more than 2 workers to recruit, you can apply for a one-time reward to the location of the public employment service institutions.

not only that, college entrepreneurs can also get the Sichuan youth entrepreneurship promotion plan support, through the project review of young entrepreneurs, you can get 30 thousand – 100 thousand yuan, interest free unsecured start-up fund loans, and a matching expert advisor, to carry out entrepreneurship assistance activities.

venture capital

college students can borrow 100 thousand yuan

in the college students on the road, sufficient funds or become a problem. How to ensure that the project is "money"? Reporters learned that the establishment of the entity of college students, can be recommended to the University in the amount recommended

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