The tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the sea or Confucius will be rewritten

recently, Nanchang Han tomb unearthed again faint Hou sea new funerary screen, which records the life of Confucius, Confucius will be the year of birth or early fifteen years.

28, the archaeologists once again conducted a probe of Nanchang Han Dynasty tomb coffin coffin faint Hou sea, in addition to gold, jade and textile prints, also found several paint box.

Confucius biography text image and

the Confucius screen second columns of text "Duke Zhao of six years, Confucius cover thirty men, Confucius told us at the age of thirty, accurate chronology, by this time node can calculate the Confucius’s birth year for Lu Xiang Gong seven years (566 BC). Confucius recorded the birth year of Confucius screen than the "spring and autumn Gongyangzhuan" and "spring and autumn grain Liang Zhuan" recorded fourteen years earlier than the birth year, Confucius family "·" records; records Confucius was born fifteen years earlier.

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