Technology start ups are not suitable for job seekers

science and technology entrepreneurship is now a hot field, many entrepreneurs are starting their own career path from science and technology entrepreneurship. But for those who want to get rich in startups, it’s not that simple.

currently on the market there are 140 so-called "unicorn" company, the company has not yet listed, but the valuation has exceeded $1 billion. If the valuation of the future fell sharply, then the biggest loss will be employees, rather than corporate executives and investors.

The recent "New York Times" of

for all popular venture company, this is a warning signal. Billionaire investor Mark · (Mark  Cuban) on the Twitter, said: "unless these companies are very fortunate, or employees will fail."


1. about wages and options: "on options, please relax."

in hot start-up companies, employees may choose to lower wages, and obtain the option. If the start-up company in the future can start IPO (initial public offering), or to a certain premium was acquired, then the option is valuable. But few companies actually can achieve them.

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