Sales do good or bad performance

sales are often seen in our modern society, often encountered, a lot of people are engaged in the sale of this industry, then, how to judge a person to do good or bad sales? Performance is the key to the performance of the said!

for the above two kinds of understanding, as the sales staff how to face this sentence?

one, to understand the performance, this is the basic performance of the sales staff (which is the basis of work), and continuously to achieve breakthrough performance through the expansion and growth of the individual and the realization of self value, the pursuit of occupation is what we want. This is a dynamic process, our business should be how to break through the self, how to break the status quo, rather than we have to be static performance, which is not in line with the professionalism of sales…… To be stronger and stronger, and more valuable for our careers, our careers and our lives.

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