The ice cream franchise CA details

join the brand small series recommended for you in many ICA ice cream ice cream, then the brand to join some of the knowledge you know? Look at Xiaobian for you to do the following details of the general situation to join you will understand.

ice cream franchise:


1, with a passion for ice cream, ice cream business is willing to actively put in.

2, ice cream brand identity in business philosophy, to headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of market movements, law-abiding, standardized management;

3, consciously safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, with good ethics and the determination of long-term operation;

4, with the scale of investment and considerable project fund ICA ice cream store, owned or leased premises;

5, integrity, diligence, self-motivated, dedication, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit;

6, ICA for ice cream was unwilling to ordinary people, there is no improvement in the store operating population;

7, identification of ICA ice business philosophy, to the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.

8, ICA ice cream have joined the ability to bear civil liability independently or natural person shall bear civil liability of the enterprise legal person.

9, ICA ice cream franchisees have investment ability and the corresponding risk awareness.

ice cream business support:


ice cream shop ICA output: investigation, site selection, design, decoration, installation of equipment and material distribution in one step, the new store opening time.

ice cream: ICA comprehensive training services, complaints technology, processing, marketing skills, complete comprehensive training courses.

ice cream shop in ICA practice: ICA ice cream is out of the ordinary, in the completion of training, internship in the official outlets, personally involved in every aspect of the management of the store, from food production to store management, rapidly improve the operation ability, let each through training and practice partner, after making efforts can become a gold


ice cream:

ICA procedure

1, details of the project via telephone consultation

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