Two years of college students to open ten stores honey

this is a focus on the health of the era, the demand for everyone regardless of honey are not small, and natural honey products is so popular, it stimulated the students’ entrepreneurial inspiration, open shops can also get rich honey products.

in front of reporters Zhou Ming and his name is the same as the ordinary, plain, ordinary conversation, this is an ordinary 22 year old youth, just graduated from college in the country opened ten stores bee.

Father of beekeeping

2004 years, Zhou Ming admitted to the Zhejiang economic and Trade Vocational and technical school, learning investment banking. In the first second semesters, Zhou Ming and several classmates opened a company. At that time the company did not specify the location, do business is also very miscellaneous. See what to make money, they do. Zhou Ming think, on the one hand in the school business can earn tuition fees and living expenses, on the other hand can apply the theory to practice, apply their knowledge.

Zhou Ming school is located in Hangzhou Xiasha near Xiasha no milk supply. Thus, Zhou Ming will take the initiative to contact the Guangming group, won the general agent of Hangzhou higher education park. Through the network has been in the Xiasha area 8 campuses, each school built a large team of 100 to 200 people. These students are part of a work study program, send milk to help them provide a way to learn. < recommended

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