The Spring Festival stocking to marketing innovation service to the heart

want to do a good job in the sales season, in the current era of natural operators put forward higher requirements, after all, the fierce competition in the industry, so that the number of retail business development has been affected. Although we now retail business conditions is more than a year, but in the actual business process, there are many retail merchants "wearing new shoes, take the old road", the hardware conditions are up, but the management method does not update, bring great influence in this practice is bound to the retail businesses in the US during the Spring Festival business.

so in the Spring Festival, I would recommend our retail businesses, eyes not only to look inward, not just focusing on their shops in the third of an acre, eyes to look out, look at the outside of the consumption environment which changes, see consumer trends outside what happened to change, and then control their own stores to see if need innovation, need to keep pace with the times.

for "new"". During the Spring Festival zouqingfangyou, mutual gift gifts is our custom, we also highlight retail sales during the Spring Festival, in accordance with the old thinking, old habits, everyone in relatives to buy cakes, milk is good, but, as retail businesses, we will now consider the main consumer groups most of the 80, 90 alone, their consumption habits and fathers are different, they need some seasonal, novel and attractive eye out of the ordinary commodity.

Spring Festival stocking this year before I was young and some nearby who chatted, through understanding, I reduced the quantity of traditional cakes and milk products in stock this year, to the vicinity of the fruit and vegetable market, an order such as mango, papaya, litchi, delicious, cherries and other anti season fruit. These fruits can be placed on the table at the dinner on New Year’s Eve, in relatives can be a gift of gifts, is fresh and not lose face, welcomed by the consumers.

in the Spring Festival, we have night custom, on the thirty night before the melon seeds, peanut is decades of customs, good, peanut seeds can evolve a dozen dozen derived taste, eat, but after all or melon seeds and peanuts, I this year according to the market survey, ordered a batch of nuts what kind of food, Hawaii nuts, pecan and cashew nuts in Northeast China.

just a list, some local students will see the holiday home, immediately ordered a batch, and the college students’ social extensive, strong communication skills, with the consumption of strong radiation, many people through their understanding to my store these new nuts sales, have to buy the business. Very good.

service seeking new". When it comes to services, we are not unfamiliar with the retail business, although the Spring Festival is very busy, the big guy can pay attention to provide consumers with quality services, such as, improve the bag

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