How the United States after 90 girls become a start up company CEO

90 started the stage, many 90 young, early can make a lot of achievements, while the American 90 girls early in the college have set themselves a grand plan of entrepreneurship.

in the second semester, Admiral eBay Erin in a $2000 Celine bag at a price of $3000 sold, with the proceeds of the money to set up ShopJeen, it was just a small shop selling jewelry.

according to the "New York journal" reported that three years ago, the 23 year old New York girl ErinYogasundram GeorgeWashington in the university dormitory risk warning was founded the "after 00" shop. The homepage design cool, open automatically after loading Ladybaby Japan concert video, background colors, GIF shows a midriff and vest exposed personality publicity slogans.

ShopJeen sales of own brand Netgear90 of all kinds of fashion goods and the same style of street fashion brand O-Mighty, Huf, MarriedtotheMob and iPhone products such as mobile phone shell, flash luminous toilet paper so cheap gadgets. Many traditional youth clothing brands (such as s, LimitedToo, Delia ‘HotTopic, Spencer’ s) with the original customers age is gradually losing its appeal, but ShopJeen is still able to get a lot of special goods like adults.

The number of Instagram fans on the

ShopJeen site is 400 thousand, and many of them are quite enthusiastic about ShopJeen. Your brand let me learn to show myself, your clothes are cool, Erin I love you too much." Erin has also become an idol in the hearts of fans, some even affectionately called her mother".

website specially set up "Erin" plate, the display of goods to consumers. ShopJeen’s creative products 69ME pillow sets, printed on the top of the head of the Erin, for her fans, this meaning is not the same, in addition to SteveJobs, there are a few CEO fans can lie down to see (or thought to recommend)

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