Ji’nan in the past two years there are 180 thousand entrepreneurial atmosphere is good

for the majority of social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to create a good social environment, in Ji’nan, for nearly two years, the entire social entrepreneurship environment is excellent, attracted 180 thousand people entrepreneurship.

in entrepreneurship policy support, the establishment of 5 1 relief "151" entrepreneurship policy support system 1 loan in our city. "1 loan" refers to the business loans discount policy, to meet the conditions of the entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses were given 100 thousand yuan and 3 million yuan of business loans and give the government subsidized; "5" refers to the one-time start-up subsidies, job subsidies, one-time business development business training, business incubators (municipal subsidies Park) reward subsidies, settled municipal business incubators entrepreneurial individual industrial and commercial households rent subsidies; "1 cuts" refers to meet the conditions of the individual industrial and commercial households entrepreneurs can enjoy 9600 yuan per year for 3 consecutive years of tax relief policies; small business entities for each of 1 qualified personnel, can apply for 3 each year 5200 yuan of tax relief.


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