Shenzhen 50 industry big coffee online guide entrepreneurs

popular for many entrepreneurs, in the early stage of the whole venture some good business guidance is very important to have a good entrepreneurial guidance can ultimately promote the whole society to entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

in October last year the Baoan District public employment service platform after the creation of Baoan District, and the new tactics in the innovation of "Internet plus" mode of public service, public service platform of new venture development, set entrepreneurial project base, entrepreneurial guidance expert database, training base in one, to provide multi-channel business projects, business expert guidance online training and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum and public venture services for entrepreneurs.

2014 October, the development of the Baoan District district public employment service platform for the region’s 4.2 companies to provide free recruitment services, the successful employment of 150 thousand job seekers. Through geographic information map, collect the enterprises in the area of geographic information, combined with the mobile base station, WIFI network, GPS three mobile phone positioning system, job seekers realize "mobile phone a shake, the government can help you find a job", "mobile phone sweep, find the nearest work", Baoan City’s leading public industry entered the "WeChat sweep code" era.

in September 2nd this year, Baoan District launched a comprehensive employment service platform, this is Baoan District to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to promote entrepreneurship, an important measure of people’s livelihood. By 120 venture projects, the construction of 50 business experts to guide the construction of the platform database, the government and enterprises to build a large data, interoperability channels.


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