Organic vegetable planting tips sharing

how to ensure the quality of organic vegetables, not by insect infestation? Many investors know that they can not use pesticides, there are other ways to prevent it? If you are a novice investor, you can learn a lot of experience to find their own way.

due to organic vegetables in the production process to prohibit the use of all synthetic pesticides, prohibit the use of production by genetic engineering technology products, so organic vegetable pests should adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention with control" principle. Through the selection of disease resistant varieties, high temperature sterilization, reasonable water and fertilizer management, rotation, intercropping and interplanting, protecting natural enemies and other agricultural and physical measures, comprehensive control of pests and diseases.

1, can be used in disease prevention and control of lime, sulfur, Bordeaux control of vegetable diseases; allow the use of copper containing materials Limited, such as copper hydroxide and copper sulfate to control fungal diseases of vegetable; can use soft soap, botanicals, vinegar and other vegetables fungal disease prevention; Potassium Permanganate is a good fungicide. Can cure a variety of diseases; allow the use of microbial fermentation products and prevention of vegetable diseases.

2, pest control advocated by releasing parasitoids and predators (such as beetles and predatory mites species, etc.) to control pests; allow the use of soft soap, botanical insecticide or native plant extraction agent and pest control; can make use in pheromone traps and sporadic vessel, allowing the use of visual (such as yellow sticky board) and physical facilities (such as insect pest insect nets); can make limited use of rotenone, botanical pyrethroid, emulsified vegetable oil and diatomite to allow limited use of insecticide; microorganism and its preparation, such as cyanophos bacillus, Bt preparation.

3, weed control through cultivation techniques of growth by limiting weeds (such as crop rotation, green manure and fallow weed control etc.); provide the use of straw mulch weed; allowed the use of mechanical and electric weeding; prohibit the use of genetically engineered products and chemical herbicides.

growers need to figure out what’s happening to their organic vegetables? Insect pests or diseases, analysis of the reasons for the right medicine. Planting techniques to share the above, if you want to learn more about planting technology, you can pay more attention to the relevant information.

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