Shanxi introduced policies to encourage college students entrepreneurship training

college students lack of entrepreneurial experience is a well-known phenomenon, how to overcome this defect is the whole society are thinking about the problem. The introduction of relevant policies in Shanxi, through the form of subsidies to encourage colleges and universities to start entrepreneurship training courses to improve the level of professional knowledge of College students.

11 1, the news from the Provincial Department of finance, to implement the State Council and the provincial government decided on further improving the employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates, college graduates to further stimulate entrepreneurial passion, improve entrepreneurial ability, play the role of entrepreneurship to create jobs, in 2015, our province to develop the entrepreneurial subsidy policy for college graduates. The provisions of the standard, awareness of entrepreneurship training subsidies for 150 yuan per person, its standard of enterprise training subsidies for 500 yuan per person.

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