How to succeed in opening a coffee shop

university is a gathering place for young people, in the vicinity of the university to open a coffee shop is very good. If you have a window near the University, you can also consider opening a coffee shop. So in the vicinity of the university to open a coffee shop need to pay attention to what the problem? Let’s take a look.

now coffee in the market sales to prove that consumers on the demand, the market scope, franchised coffee romantic cabin is still relatively small, especially in the university campus cafe has almost no coffee machine and only a few schools, can not provide a good taste of coffee for customers, then to cafes around the campus provides a favorable side, but outside the coffee house price is relatively high, so the cafe location around the school must choose the appropriate fixed coffee at the same time also can provide the flow of coffee, so as to achieve a win-win.


can focus on "popular price, do not enjoy the same" in schools around the coffee house, which is in line with the current location, but also the subject of consumer demand, but also reflects the cafe with the usual coffee shop is different, this is also the advantage. Regardless of the coffee shop customers, large or small, expensive or cheap, for the entire cafe is the most important source of tourists. A tourist is popular, many people have the reputation, are helpful for the future development of the coffee shop.

advertising is necessary for further promotion of

1. distribute leaflets, to celebrate the holiday promotions, or for small children to send small gifts. In short, as far as possible so that children can not come, he will pull their parents to come; the family does not come, individuals come; senior leadership does not come, the public will not come to drink to drink; do not come to the party to chat entertainment. Christmas and the new year is two a good selling point, to increase publicity efforts in New Year and Christmas Party or add programs, programs can please show, also can let the students perform, and allow customers to interact with customers, on the day of the festival should be given some preferential.

2, a discount card, the customer can reach a certain number of consumption, free to send a VIP card, the card can hit 20 percent off in consumption, and more concessions to the cafe part-time metaphor.

marketing summary

grasp of business strategy and effective management to make coffee enterprises grow up quickly. First, the coffee shop to pay attention to the cost effect and publicity effect. To develop in a specific period of time the power and speed to establish their own brand, but also should pay attention to the quality of their products, so that people imperceptibly accept our products and brands, and thus marked a fashion life. Secondly, in response to changes in the main consumer, operators should seize the opportunity to accurately believe.


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