Look at this cafe is how fun nternet plus


Internet plus concept, all walks of life and the innovative elements have more or less contact, the beverage industry development will be affected, want to gain a foothold in the business market, is it right to find innovative methods, so how to innovate the beverage stores?

with Internet plus the concept more and more popular, recognized by this new economy was more and more people, most of the traditional business thinking of using the Internet and Internet technology to realize the intelligent transformation, provide personalized services and products, and the formation of polymerization effect. This is also the rise of many young start-up companies, especially after many 90 grassroots entrepreneurial team more high-profile!

The rapid development of

"thirsty" mode of operation, in addition to the influence of Internet plus, more important is the rapid development of leveraging the mobile Internet in recent years, the number of active mobile Internet is far beyond the PC side, as the 90’s founder, that 90 users of consumer habits, convenience is a consumer of many the pursuit of consumer experience, is based on this "thirsty" APP will be officially launched in November 2015, this will bring more surprises and different consumption experience for young users more and more



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