Department of human resources and social to further promote the work of entrepreneurship training no

China National entrepreneurship storm has swept the country. In more than a year of management practice, we also found deficiencies. Many entrepreneurs lack professional knowledge of entrepreneurship, the urgent need to accept entrepreneurship related training to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

"opinions" clearly strengthen the entrepreneurship training work under the new situation of the work of ideas and goals. Put forward to service employment and economic development oriented, in order to carry out the lifelong occupation skill training system and enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of workers for the purpose, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society, play the main role of the market, strengthen the public service innovation and entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training mode, expand the scale of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the establishment government incentives, guide the broad participation of the community, workers choose entrepreneurship training mechanism, to provide support to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

for the entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial training needs to carry out large-scale entrepreneurship training, greatly improve the quality of the laborers entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training needs will have access to entrepreneurship training services, enhance the effect of entrepreneurship, and gradually establish a diversified training, training mode diversification, multi-level training content that can effectively cover the entrepreneurial activities in different stages of entrepreneurship training system.

"opinions" put forward to further promote entrepreneurship training policy measures: one is to clear the object and content of entrepreneurship training. There will be a clear entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial training needs, the courage to join the business practices of various types of urban and rural laborers into entrepreneurship training, training content, training in Entrepreneurship and business management ability and quality training.

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