Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs to join what

ribs in the eyes of the status of the people? Just look at us in a homemade table and some dishes on the table at dinner we know, pork is an indispensable dish, ribs as a common but very popular delicious dishes, taste good, healthy and nutritious, is a favorite food to countless good.

Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs inheriting the Chinese delicacy inheritance model, hundred years of secret technology, Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs for the majority of consumers to enjoy the tongue, become a major highlight of catering market.

Qing million Fuxiang pork, meat sauce and perfect fusion of more than and 30 kinds of herbs are more tasty, the one and only the achievements of the brand. Quick meal, exclusive enjoyment of taste, Wan Qing Fuxiang pork business is hot, it is worth the investment.

now, Wan Qing Fuxiang will chop the ribs into the delicacy different flavor, different taste, secret technology to bring exclusive good taste. Thousands of bones, not the bone.

Wan Qing Fuxiang not only rare ribs, ribs, and preparation method. Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs through 28 formula Peru, not only another classic flavor, it is the exclusive secret system of interpretation.

Wan Qing Fuxiang’s ribs sauce products, fried products, halogen products, vegetables and other six series, dozens of kinds of snacks, can satisfy all tastes. In the production process alone, selected high-quality pork ribs, preserved more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine plus. Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs to meet the various consumer demand for delicious pork. On the tip of the tongue Qing million Fuxiang ribs, on the fingertips of wealth, look forward to working with you to share the wealth feast


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