Men’s red bag is not only robbed of hair was beaten to 5 yuan compensation of 2000

New Year red bag this is a fun thing, but there are a lot of contradictions. Suichang, a man robbed only because of red hair is not played, the police mediation, batterer compensation of $2000 and reach an understanding with the injured.

20 year old ray joined a WeChat group, the group is mostly more than and 20 years old young people, some do not know lei.

2 9 at night on the evening of 9, ray in the group made a red envelope, and that only know friends to grab.

22 year old youth Cheng also in this group, he believes that everyone in the group, to see the red envelope, of course, should grab, it was fun, so did not listen to the words of thunder. Cheng a ray robbed a few red, a total of 5 yuan, but he did not send a red envelope.

Leimou repeatedly warned a don’t grab a way, and I do not send a red envelope, Leimou unforgiveness in mind.

2 14 on the morning of the day, let WeChat know a friend in the process, the process of a certain Internet cafe in Suichang county.

a appeared, was immediately Leimou beaten, injured in the face. Afterwards, wronged a certain way to the Suichang County police station miaogao.

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