What should be done before starting a business

is now more and more people want to start the road to get rich, but business people, business on the road narrow and rugged, full of various risks, if not prepared for it is very difficult to get in the business Everything is going smoothly. So what are you going to do before starting a business? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

To think carefully before the start of


Third, what is the core resources of success? I have the conditions are: adequate capital? Industry experience? Customer resources? Technological innovation? Commercial operation ability? Is there an obvious advantage compared to the competitors to be faced?

Fourth, if there is enough patience and endurance of the pioneering period of consumption, estimated by the long time through the bottleneck stage, they have long time of preparation.

fifth, what is the biggest risk venture, what is the worst result, whether I can bear? Do not just think of optimism on the one hand, the risk must have adequate psychological preparation, otherwise, the reality of the situation and the imagination is not the same, it will cause confidence shaken.


The most important

operating capacity

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