Jiangsu in a series of professional and technical personnel does poineering work from retained perso

with innovation and entrepreneurship in various provinces and cities to carry out various types of low threshold entrepreneurial policies have been introduced, which allows more entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity. Jiangsu Province, said the province encourages universities and research institutes for professional and technical personnel from business, personnel will be kept for 3 years.

30 years ago, the state and the province has also introduced a similar policy, "said lwop". Then the provisions of the unpaid leave period of not more than two years, unpaid leave during the upgrade, do not enjoy all kinds of allowances, subsidies and welfare benefits. While the province introduced the new deal with the "unpaid leave" is essentially different, the objective is to encourage the innovation of science and technology, applies only to the University and Research Institute of professional and technical personnel, more than the previous preferential policy.

"opinions" provisions, the unit retains its human relations in the post period, the original contract to suspend the performance of. In the contract expiration period undergo the period of the contract according to the agreed deadline postponed departure. Professional and technical personnel as the unit of the middle and above leadership positions, subject to the provisions of the appointment (ren) resigned from the leadership positions, professional and technical personnel from the entrepreneurial identity. The unit or the competent department for professional and technical personnel should also undergo formalities at the same level of social department. Preparation of occupation undergo personnel used in the period of post freezing.

The annual assessment

"opinion" clearly, does poineering work from personnel in the post before the expiration date, I request to work units, units should be in the Department and the competent department of the government agency for the record, to recover the corresponding professional and technical positions in employment, if the recommended