Open a boutique need to have the five step is what

shop and a "boutique" but has a very big difference. If you want to successfully open a "boutique", nature also requires us to do more work. In a word, it is easy to open a shop, but it is not easy to open a shop. It will have considerable wisdom and courage, but also have a higher quality and courage. According to my years of shop experience, summed up the five steps to open a "boutique" must have "". Let us learn together, we will own a shop to the healthy development of a "brand" direction.

first step: to have a set of advanced business philosophy

to open a new shop, first of all to have a set of advanced business philosophy, to have a long-term business ideas, shop location and the size of the store to do a rigorous investigation and analysis. Select the location according to the configuration of the room layout plans a rack, the decoration according to plan in advance to keep good pressure socket and cable etc.. If the installation of air conditioning but also to retain the location of good air conditioning and line. Supermarket lighting installation must be able to achieve enough brightness.

should also pay attention to the purchase of shelves at the time of the purchase of the more fashionable shelves, at least to feel this shelf will not be eliminated within three years. Always have a sense of leadership. Door decoration must sign decoration atmosphere, let a person look beautiful, grade. Conditional, it is best to install a caption below the door display screen. Now a sanitary city "doorway to the free stickers posters, I think the door to install a caption display screen is a kind of as a visionary, special offer goods and activities can be in store to customers at any time available to the public. To achieve timely publicity purposes.

is located next to the old bank of Pingluo County "Ai Jia famous smoke supermarket located in the downtown area, the business has been not bad, since the opposite opened Pingluo famous" quanmei Plaza supermarket "business has been greatly affected. But "Ai Jia famous smoke supermarket" the boss of the difficulties, the two door next to the supermarket all over and renovated again, the supermarket door will be lengthened and the installation of electronic lighting, subtitles display, their business scope and activities are intuitive to show to attract customers by customer. Come to visit. Not only beautify the store environment, but also save a lot of money to engage in promotional activities, but also enhance the grade of the store.

in cigarette sales, he also raised the cigarette sales grade, were purchased in Nanjing (95), Yellow Crane Tower (hard 1916), Yellow Crane Tower (hard Thanksgiving), Abba (leisure) and other high priced brand cigarette, will Yellow Crane Tower, Yellow Crane Tower (soft road) (hard road), furongwang (soft yellow) low tar cigarette brand column with counters, will be Nanjing (twelve beauties), the Great Wall (Chunya COCO) and other fine cigarette into a single column. Give customers a refreshing feeling. ">