How to run a successful men’s clothing store

men and women go out shopping together, the contrast will be very obvious, male shopping speed, and generous. Relatively speaking, women will hesitate more. Although men buy clothes on the frequency of no lady, but this does not mean that the men’s clothing store is not making money, men often at the time of purchase purpose is strong, so the turnover rate will be higher, but men’s price can be set higher than women, so if we can operate properly, open a men’s clothing the shop is in fact very profitable, so how can we manage a men’s clothing store?

1, price positioning

wants to run a men’s clothing store, the owner must take full account of price customization, because most men would not negotiate on the price and the owner, so the owner can not too high in custom price, this will directly scare customers but also, not set too low, many men are not willing to buy too cheap the clothes and cheap goods is not good in many men’s shop has been reflected. Therefore, the owner of the money in the pricing of the first to have an understanding of the market, and on this basis set a reasonable price.

2, to read the hearts of men

as the name suggests, is to understand the consumer psychology and characteristics of male customers, different from the male female, they often buy clothes when the purpose is strong, high brand loyalty, but the fashion sense is relatively weak, so the owners can according to these characteristics to try to recommend an antidote against the disease, concise and easy collocation, upper body effect is better the style, and emphatically introduces the advantages and applicability of the clothing fabric, but should not be too wordy, because men like women in shopping are keen to chat, so the guide in the clothes for men recommended must be concise and straight to the point.

3, shopping guide should be good at observation, see who is the gatekeeper

if the customer into the store around the male female company, then the women tend to be his wife or girlfriend, it is women decide whether to buy, while men only responsible for money, in this case, the guide will focus on women, but their views and be good at to observe each other’s face, if the female customers a fancy style, to be sure to win the favor of female customers, so as to facilitate the transaction.

4, the display is also critical

shopping guide to master some of the selling words can improve the turnover rate, but the store is also the key to the success of the decoration design. For example, the use of a display to attract the attention of male customers is one of the best ways, compared to women, men will pay more attention to the quality of the sense, so there will be more attractive to the texture of the display of male customers. After all, women may be willing to buy clothes in crowded shops, but most men will be respected

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