College students to return home to start a rabbit farm to do rich

is now full of opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship in rural areas, the state has introduced policies to appeal to the masses to return home to start a business, there are a lot of people on this road. Hu Yong is a young man out of the countryside, has always had a dream from childhood, want to learn to do their own home to do a career, so good to accompany their parents, while driving the village together to get rich. June 2014, 25 year old Hu Yong has graduated about 2 years, has been left in a foreign company to do sales work, as a result of work, but also to endure hardship, to the company to create a good performance. This time also ushered in his professional life in a promotion opportunity, standing at the crossroads, Hu Yong a bit contradictory, is the back home, or continue to work in the company?……

2015 in May, has experienced a short period of 11 months, Hu Yong was in the home of the root, stem from the cause of raising rabbits, but also has a farm of 100 acres of land, and now people can travel a lot.

to achieve the dream

have entrepreneurial ideas, but there is no entrepreneurial projects, time passed, this is worried about the two of them. The village people said that now there is nothing good to do in the countryside, we say farming, pig, cattle and sheep to do these people are more, there is no bright spot, and no money to earn. This reminds Hu Yong, indeed, the universality of the breeding project market potential is not large, only do not have the characteristics of the rural market.