World Cup in the wealth of the world cup grab a cup of hot selling goods

world cup has begun, we work together to figure out, this 4 years back to the world cup, in the end can be driven by the number of goods selling? First cast the following:

1, beer

is another beer sales season, summer can be predicted that the world cup will bring Harbin Beer sales this year, Harbin will be expected to return to the ranks of the domestic beer giants.

2, ball clothing

Orangemen although not, but the World Cup approaching, in order to support their favorite team, always want to buy a shirt, when to see the ball in the bar, to find their own friends. Clothing industry has always been full of opportunities in the industry, a lot of stars casual clothing will also be a good grasp of business opportunities to seize the business, and earn the first pot of gold. For example, the Spring Festival evening Niu Li’s coat, the clothes in the promotion of Du Lala, etc..

market sales estimate

3, wig

4, condom

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