mplementation of employment and entrepreneurship preferential policies adhere to share the concept

innovation and entrepreneurship is not shouting out, want to better promote innovation and entrepreneurship to fully implement the employment and entrepreneurship policy, Tianjin policy has been carried out on a comprehensive implementation, and adhere to the concept of shared development!

the implementation of difficult personnel employment assistance policy

will have Nankai District hukou, disabled ex servicemen, with Nankai District residence 1 years after graduation without the employment of college graduates employment difficulties personnel into the scope of assistance. Zero employment of family members, staff, staff, poor families of single parent families need to support relatives family members suffering from serious diseases, engaged in flexible employment, within 3 years from the unemployment insurance fund to give 75% of the pension, medical and unemployment insurance subsidies. Other finds that men over 50 years of age, women over the age of 40 years of employment difficulties, engaged in flexible employment, within the next 3 years by the unemployment insurance fund to give up to 50% of the pension, medical, unemployment insurance subsidies.

of public job placement and zero employment, single parent, subsistence allowances, maintenance personnel suffering from serious diseases, signed a 1 year contract, given the social insurance subsidies and job subsidies, a maximum of 3 years, to enjoy subsidies approved from the retirement age less than 5 years, may be extended to retirement. Increase efforts to help people with disabilities, to ensure zero employment families, the minimum living security and other family constraints