How to implement a membership system

membership has become a way of doing business will take numerous shops in the current, but in general are for the preservation period will be relatively a little longer, and the size of the store will be a little larger shops. Flower shop also take membership, it sounds incredible. So, how to implement a membership system?

after the Valentine’s day, when most of the flowers are eager to statistics the flower festival revenue, a florist in Suzhou is busy call back. Flower shop staff with 3 days of Valentine’s day during the visit of more than 300 customers one by one, in order to collect customers in the shop for sale in the bulk of the views and suggestions. It is unexpected that the visit is not only a useful first-hand material harvest, visit itself has also been a large number of customers.

In order to visit

, the florist deliberately cut out a telephone call by the responsible personnel according to the list of single visit visit asked one by one, involves flower material quality, color collocation, service delivery, customer service and other aspects. Once the customer questions or complaints about the above content, the responsible person will answer the situation, and truthfully record feedback and comments.

although this is the first time to call back, the owner is still satisfied with the results of the return visit. This is a successful communication, only the initiative to contact with customers, so that customers feel the importance of the florist’s service, in order to first understand the customer’s thoughts and feelings, to promote the next development of the florist."

for the return of the feedback information, a detailed classification of the flower shop, customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the list of options, and then one by one to analyze the reasons for customer dissatisfaction, so as to find a solution. In addition, also carried out a customer satisfaction survey for the product, to find the most popular Valentine’s Day flower gift products. The results show that 80% of the proceeds from the commodity of 20%.

Florist customers in the return of the views and information are also recorded in order to lay the foundation for the next service. The owner believes that the establishment of personal information will help the florist to better determine customer preferences, which will be a one-time business development into long-term cooperation, enhance customer trust and dependence on the brand.

through this phone call back, flower shop on its own customer groups and a new understanding, while finding out the lack of some aspects of the florist service.

when the florist developed to have a certain size and customer size, the implementation of membership system is an effective way to promote the upgrading of the florist. Widely absorbed members, allowing members to enjoy the integration of consumer credit card, according to the high points of varying degrees of discount, which is one of the important ways to stabilize the amount of customers.

membership system in addition to providing the core content discounts and other concessions, but also to provide fine matching