Sichuan more than 2400 migrant workers return home entrepreneurship or policy envelopes

farmers back home business and red envelopes can lead, you are not the first time I heard it? Yes, this is a good measure to be implemented in Sichuan Province, at the same time, will also attract a large number of migrant workers to return home venture.

7, 22, the Sichuan provincial government executive meeting on the occasion of a Sichuan migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs sparked heated debate.

"see the hometown people, our Sichuan migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs very emotional. They said they would like to return to Sichuan, but do not know how to integrate into the construction of the home." Governor Wei Hong said, "why our county Party Secretary, county magistrate, can not take the initiative to extend their" olive branch ", invite them home business, the two sides’ face to face ‘to sit together to solve problems, give advice and suggestions for development?"

as labor exporting province, Sichuan new deal is clearly "outlet" in an important position, as of the end of 2014, Sichuan has more than 2400 people of migrant workers, migrant workers accounted for about 10% of the national total.

In addition to the national level

in the executive meeting of the provincial government in July 22nd on the introduction of a package of policies and measures to support farmers and migrant workers returning home for business entrepreneurs, become the consensus of the parties. Strengthen county and township interconnection

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