Migratory movements and winter diving activity of Adélie penguins in East Antarctica

first_imgSeabirds breeding on the Antarctic continent must cope with extreme changes in sea ice cover and day length throughout the year. Adélie penguins are expected to adjust their migratory movements and diving activity to seasonal changes in foraging conditions, but their winter diving activities have not been examined previously. Here, we tracked 18 and 5 Adélie penguins by using geolocators with and without depth sensors, from a colony in East Antarctica over 2 winter seasons. After breeding, all but one penguin migrated westward from March to April, then moved northward from May to August as the sea ice edge extended to the north, then moved southeastward, returning towards the breeding colony. Migratory movements followed sea ice movements and the seasonal extension in this region, which is influenced by the west-flowing Antarctic Slope Current and wind. Penguins dived deeper during winter, reaching a maximum depth of 129 m. The birds dived mostly between civil dawn and dusk, and tended to stay on ice overnight. Diving effort (total time spent underwater per day) did not decline with sea ice concentrations, suggesting that penguins found open water to dive even with >90% sea ice cover. Diving effort was lowest around the winter solstice, but was relatively high before and after the annual moult, and also before the start of breeding when birds presumably needed to accumulate body reserves. Our results highlight how the migratory movement and winter diving activity of Adélie penguins are closely associated with the seasonal polar environment.last_img read more

OnTheMarket shares finally exceed original AIM launch share price

first_imgIf you’re an agent who holds OnTheMarket shares then it may be time to celebrate.The company’s share price has finally recovered and today exceeded its original offer price of £1.63p from ten days ago.Trading in OnTheMarket shares peaked at £1.70p late this afternoon, the highest the share price has reached to date.At launch the share price dropped to a low of £1.40p but has since been climbing slowly to today’s high, helped by an upbeat announcement on Friday that included details of its strategy to both target smaller agents and tie-in larger agent groups to long-term deals.“The more agents who join now, the more we believe all agents and property-seekers will benefit in terms of the increased property stock at OnTheMarket.com,” CEO Ian Springett said in Friday’s statement.“We are focused on reaching out to agent firms across the country which can see the disruptive appeal of our proposition of sustainable fair pricing from an agent-backed portal.”ExcitedSpringett is currently refusing all interview requests, but has been busy doing the rounds at agent gatherings, including at agent Jackson-Stops’ annual conference, at which he said he was “excited by progress”.During today’s session on AIM nearly 18,000 share in OnTheMarket were traded, slightly down on Friday’s volumes, although its shares were the only ones to record gains – the vast majority of the property industry’s PLCs saw their shares drop.Ian Springett OnTheMarket onthemarket shares AIM AIM market share price February 19, 2018Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles Letting agent fined £11,500 over unlicenced rent-to-rent HMO3rd May 2021 BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Home » News » Marketing » OnTheMarket shares finally exceed original AIM launch share price previous nextMarketingOnTheMarket shares finally exceed original AIM launch share priceAfter initially plummeting to £1.40p after its AIM listing, shares in the portal today reached £1.70p.Nigel Lewis19th February 201801,349 Viewslast_img read more

Mayor Addresses Litter in Message: June 17

first_imgMayor Jay Gillian Dear Friends,I have received many complaints in the past few weeks about litter and about the conduct of some of the people visiting our beach and Boardwalk. I want to thank everybody for passing along their concerns and suggestions.I am well aware of these issues and am working with Police Chief Jay Prettyman and Operations and Engineering Director Vince Bekier to address them quickly.The city had anticipated an increased volume of trash due to the takeout-only restriction and to the greater number of people in town for early June, but not to the degree we saw over the last two weekends.We are working to increase trash pickup routes and to provide special receptacles for pizza boxes. We are also working with merchants to reduce the bulk of takeout containers whenever possible.Our police department will continue to monitor the beach and Boardwalk and make adjustments as needed. The chief has already increased the number of officers performing highly visible patrols and is adding additional undercover officers to patrol our beaches and Boardwalk to search for violators.In addition, a new group of seasonal officers is currently in training and expected to graduate soon. Their addition to the force will help increase visibility and awareness and enhance our enforcement efforts.As a reminder, it helps us most if you call the police department’s non-emergency number at (609) 399-9111 while you are actually observing any inappropriate behavior. That way an officer can be immediately dispatched to your area to address the situation. You can always remain anonymous.Warm regards,Mayor Jay A. Gillianlast_img read more

Creating a new life for leftovers

first_imgWho said students learn nothing at university any more? Tesco’s Laura Fagan appears to be carving out a niche for herself developing morning-after-leftovers sarnies. Her latest contribution to Britain’s biggest retailer’s shelves is the lasagne sandwich inevitably dubbed the Lasarnie by the News of the World. Last year, Fagan was behind Tesco’s cold fish finger sandwich. Attempts to taste-test this delight were thwarted after it sold out in our local store.What next? We’re guessing Congealed Baked Beans, Greasy Chow Mein and Stale Margherita. Amazingly, the Lasarnie is by no means the most shocking to emerge this week. That mantle goes to Mark One Foods in the US, whose NPD has taken sandwiches outside the box and into a can. Enough said.last_img read more

Vevo Gives Up: Streaming Service Plans To Shut Down Site & Transfer Content To YouTube

first_imgVevo, the video-hosting service, was founded in 2009, aiming to compete with the monolithic video-streaming site, Youtube. On Thursday, Vevo has announced that it’ll be closing down its website and mobile apps, essentially conceding defeat to Youtube. In a blog post, the company notes,Going forward, Vevo will remain focused on engaging the biggest audiences and pursuing growth opportunities.  Our catalog of premium music videos and original content will continue to reach a growing audience on YouTube and we are exploring ways to work with additional platforms to further expand access to Vevo’s content.Despite closing down its streaming platforms, this announcement doesn’t mean that the company is calling it quits completely. Started as a joint venture between three major record labels, Vevo’s overarching goal was always to “grow the commercial and promotional value of music videos”—in fact, Vevo gained its name as an abbreviation for “video evolution,” notes Rolling Stone. Given this, the company has plans to continue advertising and sponsoring video premieres, albeit while transferring their content to their Google-owned streaming-service competitor and receiving a smaller slice of ad revenue.YouTube and Vevo’s long-embroiled battle has been ongoing, with Vevo resisting the major-streaming platform by running its own apps and website for years, and with limited success. In response, YouTube has fired back at Vevo. As explained by Rolling Stone, YouTube “recently took Vevo’s branding off its music videos, while also securing permission under a new licensing deal to sell Vevo’s clips directly to advertisers, cutting out the smaller company’s sales force.” With Vevo closing down its streaming operation, the company received a distribution deal from YouTube, which gave it a cut of revenue for transferring its content over to YouTube.This announcement comes on the heels of YouTube’s expansion, with YouTube unveiling YouTube Music this week—a music-streaming service with a free and premium-subscription service—as well as a rebranding of their premium video service, YouTube Red, which going forward will be known as YouTube Premium. (Subscribers to YouTube Premium will automatically get a subscription to YouTube Music.)[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

‘One country, two systems’

first_imgAmid fears that the European debt crisis is spreading from Greece to Italy, and with the United States amid its own economic woes, Hong Kong’s chief executive touts onetime Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s “one country, two systems” philosophy for his region’s economic fortitude.“In some ways Hong Kong has had an easier time over the past decade than many other economies,” said Donald Tsang, M.P.A. ’82. “Our freedom from public debt, our position beside China’s growing economy, our prudent banking supervision — these have all helped to cushion us from some of the shocks that have come our way.”Tsang spoke Tuesday night at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at Harvard Kennedy School. The chief executive, whose term is ending in June, focused his talk on the relationship between Hong Kong and China, and how it has worked in recent history. Once a British colony, Hong Kong now is a special administrative region of China.“Standing counterpoint to the story of economic uncertainty over the past 14 years is the story of the continued growth of Hong Kong as a unique, remarkable society,” said Tsang. “National pride and unity demanded a resumption of sovereignty; magnanimity allowed the different way of life in Hong Kong to be taken as something of value to be preserved and allowed to flourish.”Tsang also spoke about how Hong Kong is not impervious to financial crisis. “Our city is open to the rise and fall of financial markets and swirling changes of the global economy,” he said.Many of the Chinese and Hong Kong native students in attendance were more interested in hearing about what the local government was planning to do about its current problems. During the question-and-answer session, students repeatedly asked about the housing market — stressing how there just aren’t any apartments available there that they can afford. Overcrowded hospitals and universities also seemed a sensitive subject.While Tsang offered no details, he said, “I agree with you. There are a lot of things left to do,” and he encouraged the students to become part of the solution. “Perhaps some of you may even venture to Hong Kong to become part of our narrative. History has not ended.”last_img read more

Saint Mary’s seniors reminisce on College experiences

first_imgAs another year comes to a close, members of the Saint Mary’s class of 2018 are bracing themselves for Commencement and the future while reflecting on their collegiate experiences.For some, like senior Olivia Burnett, Saint Mary’s felt like home since the beginning of their time on campus. Burnett said she fell in love with the College before fall break her first year.“Everything just felt good and happy and safe, and I was surrounded by great and supportive friends,” she said in an email. “I was enjoying my classes. My dorm room was cozy. It felt really right that I was here. Not that I ever questioned it, but I just came to be so confident in the fact that Saint Mary’s is where I was meant to be. It was the place that I was meant to grow in my education, my social life and my faith. It all felt very comfortable.”The experience that stands out above all others for Burnett took place during her first year, but she said many more instances add to what she’ll always love about her time at Saint Mary’s.“My favorite memory is hanging out with Drake Bell at his hotel after his concert at Legends freshman year,” she said. “[For others,] it’s not exactly a specific memory, but just being in the presence of my friends, laughing, hanging out in the dining hall, walking around campus, just soaking everything in.”Senior Stefanie Dyga said she did not truly experience all the College had to offer until after studying abroad, but she fell in love with Saint Mary’s in the end.“It started to feel like home my junior year, after getting back from study abroad,” Dyga said in an email. “I had wanted to transfer my first two years, but when I got back from Ireland, everything started to fall into place. I finally opened myself up to all that Saint Mary’s has to offer, and here I am now, a week from graduation and I never want to leave.”Dyga’s favorite memory is grounded in friendship and hours of work and time spent in the Cushwa-Leighton Library’s basement computer lab, the Trumper Computer Center, she said.“During November of my senior year, I was basically living in Trumper, spending upwards of 10 hours per day in there completing the grueling process that is the senior comp,” she said. “There was a night that my comp girls and I were all super stressed, so we took a study break and drove to Taco Bell at 2 a.m., laughing and singing along to music. It was then that I knew I could get through anything as long as I had them.”It is these experiences that create the lasting friendships Dyga said she will keep after leaving campus. This “sisterhood” is what senior Kate Zurovchak said she will miss the most.“I’ll miss the sisterhood and the environment — you know, seeing my friends every day and being able to walk down the hall and say hi to them and ask them about their day,” she said. “Well, I’ll be able to do this through text, but just to be there in person and hear about their day, share stories and laugh.”Zurovchak said her favorite memories revolve around outings with others, whether it be a sporting event or a 7-Eleven run.“I really enjoyed going to football games and tailgating with my friends,” she said. “For tailgates, a lot of my immediate family and extended family would come in, and then a lot of my friends and I would walk over to Notre Dame and spend the whole day together. That was really nice. Two of my friends and I would go on Coke slushie runs to 7-Eleven. We used to do it more sophomore and junior year, but those are really good memories.”Saint Mary’s provided Zurovchak with more than lasting memories and friendships, she said. The College has also given her a sense of purpose in her future occupation, nursing.“I think specifically with nursing, [Saint Mary’s has given me] a sense of empowerment and the desire to advocate for other people and the patients that I come into contact with,” Zurovchak said. “I feel like that’s been a reoccurring thing. Professors always stress that you have the power to do the good that you want to help other people.”It is lessons like these that Burnett said she will embody after graduation.“Saint Mary’s has taught me so much about myself,” she said. “Since day one, I have been uplifted and encouraged and empowered. I have learned how to carry myself as a confident woman in the world past my time here. SMC has taught me my self-worth and how to approach the real world from that confident perspective. I will hold all of those lessons near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.”Tags: 2018 Commencement, saint mary’s, senior memorieslast_img read more

Travel Diary: Discover The History, The Beauty & The Glory Of Greenport

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Sponsored Content Brought To You By NY Auto GiantA truly memorable road trip includes several distinct characteristics.A choice destination must be unique. It must stand on its own as a place of intrigue, fascination. It must exude a certain magnetism that captures your imagination and systemically draws you in, leading you ever so closer with each passing thought or mention, inevitably rendering you powerless to resist its enigmatic allure and compelling you to transport yourself and/or a loved one to its inviting, heartstring source.A choice destination must be memorable. It must leave a lasting impression on your very soul and forever imprint a small part of itself on who you are and all you may do afterward.A choice destination must also be welcoming and exciting, offering delectable food and drink, of course, yet also possessing an equal amount of options that foster relaxation and contemplation, creating those choice and too-rare moments to reflect upon your life and your loved ones, and meditate on these special gifts and those with whom you share it, heal your spirit and rejuvenate your soul.Fear not, fellow day-tripping motorists and adventure-seekers, you need not journey to the ends of the Earth to experience such a place. Long Island is loaded with these exact hometown hotspots.Renowned for its rich history, natural splendors and present-day wonders, the idyllic village of Greenport on Long Island’s North Shore is but one, attracting like-minded expeditionists the world over to relish in its breathtaking beauty and majestic glory.Some might say it’s one of LI’s best-kept secrets.Yet the road to such a magical realm demands an equally choice chariot, and luckily, NY Auto Giant possesses a vast array of extraordinary vehicles to ensure your trek to this storied village is as memorable as the amazing experiences you’ll have once there.NY Auto Giant can put you behind the wheel of your very own 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0-Liter Turbo Coupe today!Wait, what’s that you say? Style, elegance, power!?Ah, yes, dear friends. A 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0-Liter Turbo Coupe radiates all these virtues, and so much more. Yes, she will bring you to this fantastical nook, dear adventure vagabonds. She will bring you home.This beauty boasts turbocharged performance, a roomy and luxurious interior and style, style, style!Because whether it’s the sweet, healing elixirs at Kontokosta Winery you seek or the aromatic hues of Lavender By The Bay–a family run lavender farm in nearby East Marion and one of the largest in the country–the road to Greenport is paved with adventure.Roll up to Sep’s Farmstand on your way into town, won’t you, and toss some farm-fresh vegetables and fruit in a basket in the back seat—maybe a gorgeous, fresh-cut bouquet of flowers for the lady friend? Of course! Road trips are romantic, especially when riding into town in a pink rose-scented Cadillac!Yes, dear road warriors, unfortunately, it is true that what we call time is ever fleeting. So a stop at Tick Tock Miniature Golf is just what the doctor has ordered to help sear this epic road journey into your go-to-stories-to-share for generations to come!If it’s history that’s your love, you are surely in the right place! Greenport was once a bustling whaling and shipbuilding port, and there are many, many sights to see from its long-ago seafaring past!Check out the 1840 Schoolhouse Museum, pay a visit to the Blacksmith’s Shop, the East End seaport Museum, the Lighthouse, the Greenport Jail and Police Museum, Railroad Museum, the Stirling Historical Society Museum-Ireland House, and 4-acre Mitchell Park, right in the center of the village!Next, take a Walking Tour and learn all about this historic village’s past, a trip across the bay aboard the environmentally friendly vessel Glory, the Fireboat Fire Fighter floating museum, or soak in the vibes and spirits on a North Fork Wine Tour!Hungry? Thirsty? Of course you are!Supercharge those engines at Aldo’s Coffee and Biscotti and Coronette Luncheonette, munch on some pastries over at the Blue Duck Bakery, a slice or pie at 1943 Pizza Bar, Emilio’s, La Capricciosa and Rolling In Dough Pizza, toss back a pint or two at the Biere Bar and Restaurant and Whiskey Wind, and devour the most succulent seafood treats at Claudio’s Clam Bar, Claudio’s Crabby Jerry’s on the waterfront, Deep Water Bar and Grille, Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market, Skipper’s, Vino N Vittles, or more!Enjoy some craft brew at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, revel in the bizarre cinematic wonders of the Camera Obscura—one of the world’s only such public-access dark rooms—catch some live music at Billy’s By The Bay, then go and sing your own true song down by the harbor!Click Here To Learn More About NY Auto GiantNo visit to Greenport would be complete without a spin or three on the backs of some of the majestic creatures whirling about the village’s Antique Carousel. and as you twirl atop those colorful vintage critters, one hand on the reins, your other in the soothing grip of your loved ones, shout it out with pride to all those curious bystanders watching from the lawn: “New York Auto Giant! New York Auto Giant! New York Auto Giant!”To get behind the wheel of your very own supercharged 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0-Liter Turbo Coupes, head on over to NY Auto Giant’s Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac!last_img read more

Two-thirds of managers are afraid of this…

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » A recent Havard Business Review article highlighted a scary survey result.Two-thirds of managers are afraid to have conversations with employees. Here are the results from HBR.If this affects nearly 70% of managers, chances are that some folks in your shop have the same issue.The article gives some good advice on how to have good discussions with employees. But I think it also is important to remember the value of good, frank advice that you received.last_img read more