Old NetEase fierce entrepreneurial, and what is the relationship between Ding LeiHow to make full us

old NetEase business in the early beam and Guan Guoguang. Later the game Xu Bo, Chen Weian, Zhan Zhonghui, Feng yun. Li Xueling, Li Yong, the portal side of salmon and Tang Yan. The TOEIC, founded more, snowball finance, unfamiliar street, rain doctors.   does have a lot of departments in pension. When the boss scolded portal endowment, is part of the establishment of the. and so on, for different categories of products, the commission rate is different. These sites often need to promote the physical goods, they will put a lot of commodity code in the members of the background for members to choose, you can according to website content, business and preferences to choose the right products. Recently in the insurance industry there are 18 e-commerce sites, such as Ping An, Taikang online, network security, network security is clear positioning their e-commerce sites, the online products are insurance card, this product is very suitable for online sales, convenient transaction, the other is the biggest advantage of it is saved logistics, because of the large amount of insurance card only online activation will be effective, recently also launched a network security alliance promotion plan, mainly is the integral plan, which is different from other B2C sites of special I recently collected and sorted out some information about cooperative alliances or alliance promotion. Now I summarize them and share them with you. I said the promotion, is actually more popular name, official name should be affiliate marketing or network membership marketing, the first to do this, do the greatest should be shlf1314, shlf1314 and ADsense in almost all whether or not some traffic is personal website or corporate website, personal space, blog, etc. there is, and the income accounted for most of shlf1314’s revenue sources. the boss of the game more love flat management. To coordinate in the cross on the base and top management. For example, COO is the main game left, and the boss conflict management concept. 1, the boss is the original management style. A bit like the guerrillas. In the not too high trust. Do not pay attention to the hierarchical management architecture. A small team of combat tendency. has more than 100 large and small NetEase reporting directly with the boss. But the decision is arbitrary, many projects have. More projects rely on the performer’s personal ability. In the loose environment, if there is a good attitude instead of going to sharpen out entrepreneurial ability. uneven distribution of resources, most boss is not attach importance to the Department to work on the resources under the condition of No. It is cultivating entrepreneurial ability. 3, the boss did not pay enough attention to micro-blog and other new business, a little self-willed. The business behind people find it difficult to break through, to venture out. Many old people take charge as chief of Most of these even if the current affiliate marketing website, in fact no matter for personal website or corporate website or choose reasonable advertising […]

Novice webmaster optimization analysis three elements

finally want to say is the description of the website, which is a combination of a project and the title of the website keywords. If the key is. search engine optimization? Three links between elements and how! Today Xiaobian help you to answer. said the second point is the site of the key words, the classification factors of each industry are not the same, so it is not the same word. But no matter what your words, your word index is high, we must choose the definition of key words or phrases. Keywords sometimes often a site we see that what is the level of the station, and that the choice of keywords to ability for our own webmaster and to understand, we are engaged in the industry competition analysis, do keyword specific plan set up a website, but also can analyze the competition the opponent’s website to select keywords they need. Ask other webmasters, to 100 long to fill their own weaknesses, so your website keywords can do better, more suitable for you. To make full use of keyword selection tool. After all, the wisdom of others can become their own weapons. Keywords (Web site keywords graph note) What is the three elements of (the title of the site map) first we talk about the optimization of the early small three elements. Three elements can be divided into: site title, keywords, description of the web site. After optimization of two years of experience, from a start to understand now cooked in the heart. Now I can finally put this experience to share with everyone, three elements for search engine optimization but played a decisive role in a fairly high, the three points defined to optimize the site early can say a half time. as the title of the site is also called the title title set with the site is closely related to the title of the site seems to be a word to tell search engines this website you what is in my personal, is what industry, what kind of jobs. So this sentence learning is great. Set the title should be brief, reduce repeat words such as you do is unrelated to the footwear industry website your title cannot contain electrical words and keywords repeated accumulation, to reduce, prevent search engine think your site is intended for the website optimization, the development of the latter is very not good. Some people have asked me a lot of words, the words one or two words are the same, what should I do? Let me give you an example: for example is the website optimization, website construction, website development, these three words to you at the same time in the title of the website if you you can make a classified adjustment, adjusted for the website optimization, construction and development, so it will solve the accumulation of keywords. The title of the site once set up. Submitted to the search engine, the bigger and better not to modify, or […]

Now the pseudo original acquisition software is anything to do

Before Once the unfortunately, there are still many webmasters still rely on pseudo original way to update your website through the acquisition of content on the internet. The acquisition of the content of the practice, in the time spent on writing though much less than the original article, but this is usually collected over the article quality is not as good as the original, and the software through the pseudo original articles collected by search engine included in the process to be lower, because now the search engines are very intelligent. A "smart", is not so easy to be fooled by the pseudo original. , a popular online called "pseudo original acquisition software" software products, is said to be able to collect the contents of the Internet, and then combined into an article. This small software has not been tested for its effectiveness, but Xiaobian that any collection of things that can not be compared with the pure artificial writing content. In the construction site, we usually have respected the original content to update the site, such as the Internet can not only bring vitality and inject positive energy, at the same time for our own website is very good. To do so, the search engine of our web page is more likely, also can give the weight of "higher, the long stick, the weight will website will have a qualitative leap, at the same time, our keywords ranking, will be very near the top. search engine to find an article on the Internet content is identical (according to similarity search engine algorithm calculated), then the search engine will not be included in your web page, your efforts would be in vain. Through the "pseudo original acquisition software" collected content usually are relatively fragmented, neither, nor, still need artificial to organize, to modify, otherwise your article will let a person see the sea, could not find the subject, can not find the key, it must is not what you want. Besides, if your site pseudo original content more than words, the search engine will give you the website evaluation is relatively poor, it will not give your site weight high, even. is a web site, the weights to get higher, you must often update the original content, because the content for the website is the most important capital. Recently, some small business website for Kunming were carefully observed and found a lot of content on the site is not original, but according to others’ articles rewritten, and is collected from others on the site. It can be seen from the content of the article. The original article is very difficult to find from the Internet, and the article is usually more coherent, fluent content. Through the pseudo original articles collected are not the same as the original article so fluent, the content can also be from online query. The original and non original although sometimes is not obvious, but if you can still distinguish carefully apart. If your site is […]

If you know the train you can click on the principle of malicious sun ran a smile.

source of this situation is this: a main push of the explosion models, when there is a certain sales and evaluation, will control ranking on the first page, get as much as possible flow. New faces come out overnight, naturally there will be peer locked, so malicious clicks came. therefore, a time not to do and not such things, more energy should be spent on how to improve the click rate and the conversion rate of details. When malicious clicks businesses also don’t fear, should be delighted, because it means that the quality of key points in second days. 3, a different account to click on a keyword. No matter what kind of is more than the malicious click skills, Taobao train can be filtered by the system, the click cost control to a minimum. Last year when we shop in the main push of a windbreaker, then fall fashion the keyword bid is 1.2 yuan a day, the cost of nearly 2000 yuan consumption, but click on the price is only 0.8 yuan or less, the main reason is that there are many malicious click behavior, resulting in reduced click price. Because from the Taobao train current rules, the same account or IP in a certain period of time no matter how many times the click, are counted one click cost. 1, the same keywords with the same account to click, and then continue until the hand cramps. as a train driver, in the operation of the process will inevitably encounter malicious click on this kind of thing, when many people encounter this kind of situation will confound, the only thing to do may be called the Taobao second, reflect this problem, hoping to return the deduction of click charges. Such a situation is often to see your peers, the sales of goods made up will be jealous, so they use a different account or IP desperately click, if it is encountered such a phenomenon at the end of last year, I may be more anxious, but now only a smile is good. before listening to a specialist course, also told us a way to increase the click rate, is to ask people to click, this method is effective, and if it is a rival to click it, even the cost of human or human are saved, a short period of time can the quality of make up. After two or three days of competitors, there is no interest in what to click, this time if the quality of key points has been increased to 10, there is no need to stay at home is to stabilize the second, third page head-on, quality is the key to do not fall too fast. Therefore, because competitors jealous and malicious clicks, but to fulfill the quality improvement of keywords, so that competitors can only send a word to describe: cute. 2, with an account on a different page, click on the different keywords; malicious clicks usually have the following several operating […]

Limit Tax and remittance charges for seventy-fourth periods of advertising expensesDo Wangzhuan to a

in view of this situation, I have decided to waive all taxes and remittance charges for the seventy-fourth period November 16th, -11, 30 in order to make up for the loss of the owner. awake at night, can not swallow food, you cry. wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. ! on tenterhooks. ! if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: cnxad people inevitably have impulsive time, especially young people, chase girlfriend urgent, looking for work urgent, want to quickly upgrade, anxious, salary increase, urgent business, buy a house very urgent. But looking back, do you find it urgent and useful? Most of them are counterproductive. You have to slow down. The young man courageous, energetic and spirit is normal, but to some lack in experience and methods to solve things, so it is more mature more favorable, it is not to say that "will become the largest industry in an old head on young shoulders", it is not without reason. Is anxious not to do a lot of problems in the process of Dongfeng Wangzhuan is not anxious to. When do Wangzhuan decision more calm, more stable, more conducive to make the right decision. A mouthful of food, a road to go step by step, to improve the ability to accumulate wealth requires a process. Life is like climbing, picking up, and in this process, every step should be stabilized, otherwise, not only can not uplink, there may be backward or even fall. Even though the rapid upward, to step by step, step by step on the otherwise empty, will be doomed eternally. more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u is also anxious higher person is a taboo. Do Wangzhuan when deciding who will be very excited, very excited, imagine a bright future and hope as soon as possible. Most people would think of how much money they could make without thinking how much they would lose. Some people are too anxious to make a blind decision, and most of these decisions go off in the right direction and even run counter to it. If you decide to make a mistake or a mistake, if you are more eager to operate, then you will die faster. The correct decision, you will make the wrong decision and effort;, will undoubtedly make you less effective, even into the mire of failure. we talked about a few do Wangzhuan negative psychological influence, so to do Wangzhuan play a positive role in promoting should be what attitude? That is a positive attitude. Positive attitude, in fact, a positive attitude is an aggressive mentality, active attitude, optimistic attitude, is to push yourself, to overcome their psychological qualities. This mentality is not only our strength to acquire wealth, but also the mentality we should all have in our life. We should have this mentality in our study, life, love and career. We imagine that when a […]