The site right down flow analysis postprocessing

second: link to buy each other, whether there is the link between A—B-C–D, if present, may be innocent judgment to stand group also said that bad. home page weight greater than: is there some large site pages ranking, and no home page ranking? Is not the core of search words appear in the eyes of the pages, rather than home? The homepage is part of a smoke flow can not be separated, was down right home page first: the impact of brand effect second, first of all, affect the flow! We first look at the main reasons: ! ; : the first URL address changes, new and old page address will produce content repeat repeat. residual dead link right down: the website is only for template to replace it, need to pay attention to what? We emphasize one point: careful modification of the URL structure. Some sites will be adjusted to the URL link in the revision, or even delete the abandoned HTML page. Such a site: modify the page less basic no problem, but if it comes to the page number, the website must be right down: solution: A, it is best not to do URL website link changes, even made some modification to do 301 permanent directional processing. B, after the error occurs, please love Shanghai webmaster tools for chain submission. first do not blindly delete processing, spiders and intelligent is not a short period of time will find you all buy links, we recommend: second: delete page 404 error page there will be a lot of negative effects, in a short period of time can not solve the home page! fourth: the station structure properly, for example: the navigation itself, banner navigation: display page links, or cross links to content, and some lack of home page navigation URL address link. ! third: advertising is improper, for example: home placed type of advertising popups or even a virus, or advertising too much influence the page loading speed, can lead to site is down right. second: the chain of problems, for example: a lot of points to the chain home recently to be deleted or removed, and Links problems, be right down. purchase link is down right: I do not know since when, exchange links is less and less, more and more links to buy, buy links change as it should be. Even many famous sites also shot a link driven by the interests, understand believe that many webmaster, here is not to do that. So, how to deal with the purchase link is down right after : first check to buy Links is right down, if it is right down on the revocation of the decisive link to ? > : the first page optimization excessive, for example: key word, font H1 stack, keyword density is too high, may be the optimization problem over the

Three skills do website optimization work

website optimization innovation, development strategy of website optimization is always a problem for most Adsense eyes, do optimization is more difficult than building a website, it is not only highly skilled can make stable website optimization, not because the skill can make the keyword of the website has a good ranking, website optimization is the key to see persistence, stability and innovation, do these three points to ensure the optimization of internal strength of a website is strong, can break the shackles. is a web site in a site will accomplish nothing, and a website to break the city planning, with ideas to do a website, then this site from success is one step closer, why hao123 website will be rapid success, this is because the hao123 of the website with the work, and now we see large and small sites are as like as two peas or similar, and this causes the Internet lack of innovative elements, also caused a lot of key sites are several months or even years have not been changed, which caused the owners of the deep thinking, flexibility. stability and site can be said to be complementary to each other, a website is not stable and stable talk about development? Including web hosting, open the stable stability, stability, stability, analytical procedure, stable content link is stable, and the show in front of ordinary users, the stability of the site is mainly refers to the user to any one time in 24 hours of free open the website for search engines, stability is mainly refers to a search engine to find the content based website at different time, and it is stable. As a webmaster we may not have too high, but no matter your technology is high or low is to establish a stable website of thought, and this thought is the premise to ensure the smooth development of the site to the long-term. website optimization website that is certainly not like technology can, to build a web site is the domain name space, code, and website optimization involves content from the point of view of both sides of the base cover and contain everything that is not a level. Webmaster friends will remember this point in the website optimization, website optimization path will not Everything is going smoothly., prepared to fight a protracted war is the site of the stableThe development of through alternative sites more website optimization path will not Everything is going smoothly., prepared to fight a protracted war is a state of mind to love Shanghai search engine from the previous few days a few months now ranking will give a website ranking, which requires owners mentality to adhere to, if you feel in the station before their own could not persist for more than a year, so I suggest you not to enter the internet. The two is the means to build means in all aspects, but no matter how to operate the site, how to optimize the website, […]

Trademark registration network is right down the antecedents and consequences need to be cautious, s

2, not related to soft ? I suggest two days of submission time, and timely monitor the growth of the chain of soft paper, if the increase in the chain number is already too much, then immediately stop the active construction of other platform outside the chain, the chain is reproduced if the number is not much, then you can take the initiative to build. is the website Guangzhou trademark registration, so the website should be the theme of the trademark registration, but because the submission of the soft Wen basic is Shanghai dragon the knowledge share, lead to the chain. The site is 贵族宝贝, you may wish to analyze the sites mentioned here, some time ago, the website chain content is highly correlated with trademark registration in Guangzhou, so even if there is no soft help, also can get good rankings, then is due to the increase in a large amount of irrelevant chain, led directly to the ranking drop. Keywords two, learned of the soft site after injury, then how to do 3, the chain is not stable , the first analysis of the soft Wen contribute is how to bring the negative influence: because some time ago, I was anxious to improve website ranking, so a lot to contribute soft, even when the peak day dropped 3, 4, so the chain will be crazy reproduced, looking at the chain increase rate soared, a cool. But the chain is in good times don’t last long, continue to increase, but the ranking is gradually decreased, until today, ranking has not fit to be seen. , the author of a trademark of Guangzhou hand registered as the main keywords website is relentless drop right. After the double check, exclude the quality of website content, website structure, keywords layout and so on station optimization, finally discovered that the problem of the chain. The antecedent is some time ago because of the desire to website ranking, so a lot of the submission of soft, led to the increase in the chain speed too fast, and the chain of correlation is not high, leading to the site is considered to be the construction of a large number of low quality of the chain, the ranking is reduced. ? said yesterday, in stationmaster net contribute soft, increase the site outside the chain effect is indeed very good, but is also a double-edged sword, if improper operation, will bring negative impact to the site, after all, the chain too much is not controllable. Therefore, the soft article submission also need to be careful. You need to pay attention to what is a method of using soft due to submission multiplecontributions, thus leading to the same piece of soft, at least not reprinted dozens of times, even hundreds of times. Moreover, the author found that the same article, should be in the same Shanghai Phoenix Forum has released nearly 10 times. It can lead to the chain of pre collection, behind due to the high repetition, […]

IIS log analysis tools EXCEL PivotTable

then the first 4 rows to delete, select the A column, click on the excel > data in > file is too large may not operate, can be used to open UltraEdit, you want to get the screening data (specific to download a paper). The file is not large can use Notepad to open direct copy to EXCEL.   A1 then select the right column > > C D, and then inserted into the I column, E, delete. Enter in the first line: date, time, page, parameter, port, IP, spider status code in addition to explain the parameters, parameters of the dynamic page mark (?) back part. The path behind the 贵族宝贝 parameter value is 3, then the combination is really URL is 贵族宝贝> IIS analysis tool on the Internet but many, but I did not meet can meet my requirements, the general is only the number of queries in the IIS log spider crawling. Following a relatively simple and very practical method, make a series of data to get through some simple formula of EXCEL, such as the time interval, crawl page, return a status code, URL parameters, the spider spider IP type, etc., through the above investigation data can be corrected on the website of the problem. You must first have their own server or to view the IIS log permissions through FTP IIS log files from space to download to a local server access log IIS: open IIS, click on the right button to check the web site > > > property; site tab > > property; you can see the figure if it is space some space service will log files on the root directory of the web site. Can request to the service provider if not. then according to the path to search the corresponding folder so that you can see a lot of.Log file is the log file folder, and then downloaded to the local by FTP.     next > other > input space > the next step to complete >. So the first step is completed. symbol segmentation;   If the    

Local enterprises from the local search engine optimization service benefit

follow the user friendly navigation program let us discuss some relatively small enterprise development, help the local Shanghai dragon company. site is always a slow user’s nightmare, and a web site, is fast to enhance the user’s energy of lightning, when it comes to visit. Fast loading a website, help faster and higher conversion is a fact as everyone knows. Do not know if there is a Web browser in the world all the patience. Of course, if a page to load user age will soon lose interest and the page will obviously lose flow at any time. This is what reason, ensure that the local Shanghai Longfeng service provider, web page loading time is kept to a minimum, so that they can retain substantial traffic. local search engine optimization service providers can bring good results for the enterprise, it will be more targeted in the peer or their enterprises in a specific regional market competition gain the initiative. In order to make a strong online, and attract traffic, every company, especially those small business needs, to ensure that their websites to enjoy all kinds of search engines in the rankings advantage. This will not only increase their visibility, and increase business and revenue. is now the companies in product marketing, not simply rely on traditional media publicity, they pay more attention to the Internet brings to the enterprise value, including search engine optimization increasingly favored by the enterprises, compared to their investment in the cost of search engine optimization, the effect is more obvious. Recently read foreign "Shanghai Dragon Art" in art, produced some ideas, that is the local enterprises to choose the search engine service, is a comprehensive coverage or for regional, between the difficult degree and benefit the size of what is the difference? Xiaobian today focuses on the analysis of the local search engine optimization brings benefit. The user friendly navigation if you are running a business at the grassroots level, then your position and the surrounding population and the market will bear more important than what you are, your first goal is to dig your surrounding market. As a search engine optimization service provider, which is located in your area will be familiar with the market dynamics, together with you, they will know how to dig. Therefore, these companies will develop the strategy in the best position, search engine optimization technology to improve the level of a successful Shanghai dragon did not end activities help specific search engine web crawling. The real test is to help the site to enjoy the best for a long period of time, the search engine ranking. The search engine optimization service providers to ensure that they not only help a particular website in search engines, but also help keep it for a long time, in order to attract popularity in the highest position. Enhance the brand awareness of A website > website loading speed