The potential Festival Qingming Tourism analysis of word search keywords

The keyword analysis tool, here I used only as a reference index of Shanghai love love Shanghai official, of course, there are some other search engine traffic here temporarily do not consider. Only from the "Qingming tourism" and "tourism Tomb-sweeping Day" searches the two key words of the last month we can find the search volume is quite large, of which two words the average search index were 600 and 800, a month’s search index probably in 18000 and 24000. in one of the words is very important, this kind of word is a sudden outbreak of seasonal words, master these words can help us get more traffic during this outbreak, more transformation. Each industry basically has its own season, the season when some words will rise, such as the tourism industry, the surge during every day for holiday tourism + words suddenly in nature, so how to optimize this kind of words? How can we really from these words get more traffic, I according to the word "Qingming Tourism" to make a simple analysis with you, because contact with the industry is relatively shallow, so there are inadequacies please understand. to see the two searches a quarter, also has a pretty good search, here we look at the love Shanghai index to our shots, one thing we need to look at is the peak time waveform and the rise time, peak waveform is probably at the end of March and early April this a week, if we can in this a week before the three row on the home page, or even the first, then, is a great help to get traffic, and wave form upward trend we found that around February the head, that time is the beginning of the year, so for this keyword traffic acquisition project, we may need to have some preparation at this stage, it is worth mentioning that the previous calculation of two words a month search index sum in about 42000, which is a quarter The search index sum probably around 54000, so the sooner the sooner you will get up from the rest of the more than 10 thousand search more customers: of course, these are the key words, some words are also quite can tap the potential, to recommend related search words here to give us the love Shanghai index is actually quite good, which keywords regional expand accounted for nearly half of the keywords, and it can help us in the future to expand the festival to find in a certain direction, to expand the word the main categories are: Keywords mining and control process of > for "Tomb-sweeping Day tourism" such a specific holiday tourism, is sure to be as a project in some large sites to operate things, to prepare many things, such as keyword analysis, customer orientation, special production, customer service transformation is multi link should be taken into account. The following specific for everyone on the Tomb-sweeping Day tourism related keyword search potential to do […]

What is the website ranking how to rely on before you do the original intention

? ?Many webmaster do website ? three, improve website ranking of the core factor is what recently I every day from the webmaster forums to see the most is the site ranking in front of the topic, ask these questions most webmaster is to do a search optimization for a year or so to the search engine ranking rules sciolistic state. They are looking for a breakthrough, find a way to beat the competition, the author also discuss some views on my website ranking. two, we do consider what 2. I think it’s not their chain of low weight, the content of write well. I think these Adsense website poor user experience? Is a site of the main visitor missing". ? ? 1. first of all, from the heart you ask yourself, why do you want to do? Many people may say that I am to make money. I believe for interest and do the webmaster rarely. But we always see a lot of cattle station was born, the cattle station is to start a general interest and do website. What is a 1. a day outside the chain every day to write articles. Although their website content, the chain has a lot of, but there is no ranking, this is why , you do the purpose of 2. I remember before to see an article by Lu Songsong, the title can not remember what to say, probably remember some. He said he would not do optimization on the inside, he is standing in the user’s point of view to consider the issue of the website, meaning that "he is all do website ranking toward the user experience to consider". I believe we all know Lu Songsong’s blog, which wrote the article there is also a lot of other Adsense contribute wonderful stories to share, I often have to patronize, there are also many webmaster imitate his website style to the website, but I haven’t seen what imitate him website cattle website. 3. no matter which website, "target" is the same to the user experience and make love, Shanghai is no exception. This year, Shanghai love the adjustment times, in addition to promote their products, mainly in order to improve the user experience. But because of the defects of love Shanghai’s technology also made a lot of high-quality website ranking is not stable, but also attracted a lot of stationmaster condemning. your website is to optimize and do or do in order to service users. From the perspective of webmaster everyone will answer for optimization, because the real power station every day in the Internet work is built on top of money, in the webmaster’s heart is only the optimized website will have ranking and flow, due to the income, including the author himself also think so, as a webmaster, so to no ground for blame. However, on the other hand we have to consider, we are considering the optimization at the same time, whether to find herself in a […]

Fuzhou decoration company through a web page ranking centralization

URL path is divided into three types: The second part is the What is the URL format URL format consists of the following three parts: The first part is the site URL: URL is what we call the web site, such as: Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/, he is a URL. Disadvantages: special characters, domain name: www.wlzscl贵族宝贝 protocol such as HTTP (or service); What is URL: 1. had path pseudo static, repeat shield with ROBOTS.TXT dynamic path caused no path is not optimized may cause data loss spiders love Shanghai. address of the host resource. Such as, directory and file name search etc.. What is the For example: disadvantages: level long, see will know. disadvantages: CPU share, CPU load. second: pseudo static path, pseudo static path refers to the original dynamic path based on the increase of the rule file generated and placed directly in the root directory of the space such as web, wwwroot etc.. Such as: 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/jzal/ has the advantages of high weight on the root directory, many parameters to optimize, to love the Shanghai spiders crawl. second: dynamic path, dynamic path refers to the automatic generation of the article released URL, he is a direct call to the information in the database, features: with "?" and "=" etc.. Such as: the wprdpress post is dynamic link, namely: 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/jzal/. : the first static path, static path refers to the release of the article, the need to manually generated URL. Such as: 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/fzzxzxc/ he is a static link. There is no question mark static path. has the advantages of short level. between the first part and the second part ": / / symbols separated from the second part and the third part" / "sign off. The first part and the second part is indispensable, the third part sometimes can be omitted. For example: 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ URL website optimization refers to the same page, only one standard, simple URL, to search and capture the user memory, to a variety of paths, pointing to the same page, prevent weight Web Capture dispersion. advantages: the path is standard, easy to optimize. The third part is the specific

Google shopping search PPC or push into money machine

and the development trend of the most likely future is: with more and more enterprises to join Google shopping for advertising, advertising prices continue to rise, resulting in more and more small and medium-sized enterprises were turned on the threshold. reason and Samir’s explanation is, establish business relationship and businesses will encourage them to ensure higher quality data, such as the exact price of products, the new product availability and so on, for consumers, means better shopping search results, which will also bring more high quality traffic business. implementation of Google PPC, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the strength of those relatively weak, is not what good news. Google original free product search can provide more opportunities for these products of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also will not increase their operating costs. But the existing charging mode of SMEs will be forced to increase advertising spending, small and medium-sized enterprises who are unable to pay the cost of advertising, the product (even if the price is high) will likely result in the consumer’s shopping search ranking, and out of the consumer perspective, the loss of market opportunities. But the recent Google will The Google mentioned that PPC, the first people to think is not true of the search results, false propaganda, illegal enterprises, and so many users have been hurt case. As for has been declared "no evil" global search giant Google (micro-blog), PPC seems to not touch. , however, for those who need to pay for the promotion of businesses, their logic is the most likely: since it is paid to promote the advantages of natural to focus on display products, so Google to provide data will have a choice, this is totally inconsistent with Samir’s argument, even the opposite. this reason sounds far fetched, even if there is no Google shopping search, the competition between enterprises also exist, and whether the user will be shopping desire into action, the most important reference is not advertising, but the product itself reflects the style, quality, function and products behind the brand image. > for this kind of practice will harm the interests of users, Google responded: Google shopping product management vice president Samir · Samate (SameerSamat) said in a statement, the United States Google product search to pure commercial mode, will allow all scale enterprises to compete effectively, which helps consumers quickly shopping into action. its products for Google search to adjust and change the past shopping, non commercial operation mode, from the autumn of this year, Google search results will depend on retailers and advertisers to the size of the top products will no longer be the most popular products but, the highest bid product advertisers. Google active wear PPC hat.

Optimization of K station why love over the sea

was really a bit disappointed, but as a warning for the future, or. some time ago, took over the operation of a nursery site, upload edit website content one day, adjust the website related parameters, by comparing the competition website keyword density, a reasonable set of web page keyword density, to a certain extent, personally think that the website construction is completed, the next step is related to operation. : fourth months to find and solve problems love Shanghai search engine on the new assessment period is three months, therefore, the new station was established, mainly to do the content, write some original articles uploaded to the website as in the past, hard work pays off, after nearly two weeks, Shanghai love finally included website home page. The next work is to update information, because of the original articles to a certain extent is a time-consuming work, from the angle of efficiency, the appropriate increase in the number of false original article, after all, love Shanghai spiders in the pseudo original works are not absolutely blocked, so every update three article two article of the original information, a pseudo original, so every day, soon I found that the site command results included many articles, surprise is domain. There are also some included, I updated information is translated into effective links. in the first month: the daily updates 3 Er Shanghai dragon foreign chain is not strange, but he is an important indicator of website! Because it is beginning, every day can send one or two outside the chain, I choose the chain platform are some of the large classified information website, such as 58 city Ganji! Included observation, the effect is good, through the construction of three a week or so of the chain, the site chain nearly 100, I feel very gratified, keyword ranking has increased significantly, from more than 100 pages to 10 pages. Third months: web site operators to this time, it is time to do some key optimization, on the one hand, web page keyword density make some adjustments, on the other hand, increase the site outside chain number. According to their own wishes, I will be home page keyword density higher than average 2 percentage points, to 6 the chain every day. I began to send in some large business website industry chain, and the forum, and Q & a platform, but the classification information mostly, so crazy after the construction of the chain, the horrors, I went to the company that morning, open love Shanghai, search keywords, find my website disappeared. At that time, did not think that a normal adjustment to love Shanghai, two or three days to recover, but waited for nearly a week, the website or not search (search website is full), think of the site website, the home can not see, come to understand, to be loved Shanghai black out the. second months: the daily increase of two chain updates 1-2 chain 6

How to optimize the station website pictures

second, should pay attention to is not added some search engines to identify the label "ALT properties" this website is a picture of "straw" don’t give up! fourth, you should pay attention to the size and format, it is best not to put some very special format, it may not be easy to be included, even if it is indexed by the search engines, users browse to the downloaded opportunity is very small, so we lost the intention of optimization picture. picture website optimization need to pay attention to the following points, if you do not have to see the next web traffic is not great, if you do look up how much traffic, don’t tell anyone! do a large picture website which we don’t rank? The answer is yes, we also need to have the website ranking in the search engine can be intercepted traffic. If only we do have price promotion which flow can not meet the needs of our website traffic, right, a website to develop your content to let many people know, so that your content will be more easily transmitted, only the content is very good communication flow you will slowly come up. This will make our website do strong, listing and financing website to this topic! Said it too far, or to say the picture website optimization image station!Imagine if our own Liu Changchun Shanghai Longfeng station optimization station is rarely talked about how to optimize the picture, picture and text station because more sites have a certain degree of difficulty, the text points may be better for keywords ah ah, text optimization, keyword ranking more favorable for this. In front of that (website page keyword and how to optimize the ranking) have friends worried about this today, which will first talk about how to optimize the third, if we can in the web page with some description of the best, so you can make your image as a search engine of your material collection, picture station snapshot update soon! Note in the right picture, and match, don’t mess with the description. sixth, this is also a very important means of publicity, this is reflected in the various portals, for example, love Shanghai, Sina, soso; everyone that often encountered in the reprint, you > First, fifth, for some suitable location pictures with some appropriate links, such as site logo picture link address is the front page of our website, so that our logo picture is likely to be the search engine as our own website or logo, is a kind of material to the acquisition, but also is to make the link to us some the article describes the description, there are good effects on these pictures, these articles and these pictures will play a very good coherence optimization. This is the best effect, or, as long as we can find pictures included text, text as long as it can find pictures of ! website picture category placed. !Watermark function

What do the 6.28 Shanghai dragon Er five hundred years

finally, certainly we no longer fear! Shanghai dragon itself is a continuous development of new things, is we need to study and summarize. Think about this change two years Shanghai dragon industry, we have determined to do 6.28, Shanghai dragon Er from the Hefei decoration company www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝 Admin5 first, please keep the link actually, we need not so, we should calmly treat this change! We love Shanghai really admitted that the algorithm updates the intensity is relatively large, but we don’t need to be afraid! In fact, if not to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er to update algorithm we do what? Every optimization of a good website, has been the same, there are several station needs optimization, there are several station to optimize! Love Shanghai this algorithm is better, but the change itself is a normal algorithm of search engine ! for five hundred years!The original, 2, some need to do to improve the user experience. I guess before many people write articles are to see the love of Shanghai, now not desirable! We need to write the user with love to see the article! Why do you think that the long tail keyword appears in the title, the long tail itself is many people look at the keyword , thank you! then, as a Shanghai dragon ideal optimization personnel, the site has not been K, but also affected! I analyzed many websites, do some conjecture: 3, put an end to the chain of garbage and Links, Ningquewulan! No longer go to the BBS signature type of spam links, not to easily exchange Links! We found many sites: Shanghai love chain included less, less Links less, but the ranking is good, need to be vigilant! And one day hundreds of spam links, it is not a day for a few high quality links slowly increase! We know that after this change, the hair of the chain is more and more difficult, love Shanghai anti spam began to show their power of 1, Shanghai love began to pay more attention to the original content, regardless of the site content and the chain is released! Some say Shanghai is not always pay attention to? Remember what I said is "more" and "original"! And one thinks high false original article, as well as collected original articles ! ! ! ! love the Shanghai earthquake, the June is a little cold! Do not say 6.22 and 6.28 K out of the station who love Shanghai, just say those vulnerable love Shanghai snapshot, many webmaster on the cold heart! And this time the United States "Forbes" the article said, search engine optimization (in the traditional sense Shanghai dragon) has been out of date, in Shanghai dragon industry after transformation, will die within two years! Suddenly revealed the countless stationmaster’s voice: Shanghai dragon downhill

Use some strategies to optimize the software secret Shanghai Dragon

you may not know what this is, is simply the agent used for IP, many times the forum or blog will be IP, this can be spared, but I generally do not have here, because the forum and blog will seal, basically you can not approach or they don’t allow do you change in IP, in the same hair will still be blocked, a title, before you send the content directly deleted light, white and so on , how is the effect? how?The many people are using this software, also often listen to some Adsense said is not good, the site came right. Personally feel that this software is very easy to use, no matter in mining resources, or mass are very sharp, especially as Google optimization, website ranking rose a sharp knife, benefited in every way. In my company, I was responsible for software bugs in the use and maintenance of the software, I haven’t used directly in the main station, but indirect, indirect Shanghai dragon to rational use of resources, to good use of resources, to use resources according to the characteristics of search engine, not blind to use, the consequences will be very serious. Believe that now many webmaster use some software, like some bulk software, acquisition software, for IP software, these software with good ranking, rising very quickly, with no good website has been right down. The reason is not the software, but in the use of people. Here I do after the station to use the software, how to use VPN bug used directly in the main station is too dangerous, there is a danger down the right, although Google group is not so sensitive, but many will be dangerous, so I used to a blog, a station group, a chain wheel, indirect contribution for the website ranking. Every day I each station or blog articles in 5, slowly increase the weight, stable prices, reduce the risk of. So far as the main station to feed 64 resources stand, sprocket countless, natural resources stand down the right and blog title is certainly there, but of no great importance, resource station is right down, I will continue to slowly, weight will be back, the title is more simple and direct a new patch on the line. This weight is accumulated, can continue to provide the master "fertilizer", as time increases, the amount of more and more big, website ranking soared. Even to add some new sites, friends of the chain, can quickly improve the ranking. of course also have to worm used to love Shanghai optimization, but love Shanghai more stringent, as the station group, the sprocket is sure not to do, basically is to die. So I love Shanghai, only the basic software bugs as a tool for mining resources, forum, blog, classification of information, all bookmarks can be dug out, specifically looking for some high weight website, and then to manually add, reduce the probability of drop right, improve the readability and the quality […]

What are the preparations for SEM basic knowledge and early bidding

so a person how to start bidding, I was divided into several aspects about all the knowledge, first you must understand the bidding, to learn through love marketing center in Shanghai, all the courses center which all need understand, don’t understand to love Shanghai encyclopedia, the need of self-learning ability and strong people understand all the love marketing center of Shanghai course, then congratulations, you have almost theoretical knowledge can begin operation. auction is SEM (search engine marketing), bidding simply said the above ranking promotion competition is the use of the competition mechanism in the search engine, the more high ranking, your ad exposure is greater, show Click amount, at this time the user clicks in transactions on your website, website revenue this, the vernacular expression, believe that white one can understand. is according to the lyrics, lyrics is a technology live, the need to slowly study, but the basic skill is excel, you should know what is the core keywords you promote the products of the lyrics before, such as the ticket industry, it is the core keywords machine ticket booking, ticket inquiries, so it is the expansion of the word can be Beijing ticket to Shanghai (to regional) in this category, also is the Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and so on, these words is not the core keywords flow but also great, you need to expand keywords slowly into the large flow of keywords in love Shanghai keywords assistant, or the Google Adwords which could see the relevant keywords, and each keyword flow. work, simple talk about their own auction this several years of experience to share with you. We first use a flow chart to see the trend of bidding process. can then do large quantities of lyrics, keyword matching according to the different parts of speech is not the same, than the ticket booking, the traffic is very large, then in the future competitive price is also high, if you use the phrase, it shows a great amount of cost is very high, so choose accurate wait until the match, a high degree of quality, and then optimize the creative range makes CPC in acceptable, considering the use of phrase matching." Beijing ticket to Shanghai "this word can use the phrase, more appropriate, matching and a broad match, widely matching method is wider, as long as the search words contain any character in the key words, are likely to be displayed, generally used widely, words are words suitable for exposure, bid 0.3 yuan to 0.7 yuan, but also the root. first, how to start the bidding market share, competition, all the details of any product details, you need to understand and even the same product manager product. So you will be more targeted promotion, the promotion effect is the most immediate. The next The   second, bidding staff must understand what you have to do the promotion of the product is what

The image of love to create Shanghai Encyclopedia

  long fast encyclopedia brand publicity love Shanghai encyclopedia is a gold mine, filled with a variety of value. For example, the high quality of the chain, and create a stable source of traffic image, where the author tells the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love with the image to create problems. encyclopedia views undoubtedly belongs to the long-term growth of this form, for our webmaster, especially for enterprise promotion station webmaster, Encyclopedia of the corporate image building, publicity is more than advertising more affordable, and long-term. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source. screenshot most professional entries will have at least one above them, the author and the surrounding friends agree that one of the more famous enterprise or a celebrity, he will at least have a professional Wikipedia entry. So do a professional Wikipedia entry is very necessary. two,   we know the Internet transmission speed is very fast, but traffic is very terrible. If we do is the corporate image, 100 people have 1 people can remember our enterprise LOGO, we reached the effect of branding. We look at our common entry Views: We know that , a user habits detailed information from Wikipedia on for us right now, an unknown thing, we are accustomed to using search engines, and often love Shanghai encyclopedia ranked very front, and very detailed. We generally think that a professional Wikipedia entries, can create a professional image. The search a large number of enterprises, celebrities, will find that their encyclopedia doing everything by a professional like Wikipedia entry will be able to understand a product, a company or a celebrity. For example, following a star of entry is very detailed:

Why not love love Shanghai search website creative elements

algorithm does not favor a few reasons to love Shanghai station enterprise innovation ?The love Shanghai for the text collection and text quality identification technology has basically been mature. Love Shanghai algorithm can determine article is high quality or low quality of the original mosaic and pseudo original, love Shanghai spiders can also each link in the chain or climb all enterprise station, but for pictures, video, animation, these elements of the site, love Shanghai algorithm recognition ability is very limited. Enterprise website is more innovation, innovation in the image, animation, video and other elements of the. These innovative, love Shanghai algorithm may not be able to identify, and may bring negative effect on Shanghai Longfeng work, such as a large number of animation effects causing the site to open slowly, thereby affecting the website ranking. two reasons: love Shanghai algorithms cannot identify the elements of innovation enterprise station One reason: algorithm can reflect the love of Shanghai want to rank entities under the line comparison of domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises station station, then you will find a large number of contrast, foreign enterprises stand the pace of innovation is much faster than domestic enterprises. Although this is only a vague feeling of many personal adsense. One of the reasons is actually by supporting the conclusion. In the webmaster website, some of the title "best enterprise design" in this article, the appearance of the site almost all English station. It seems that in foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises more than the station station keen on innovation. why? In addition to the design concept, technical level, innovation environment gap, I think, another reason is that search. Because the domestic enterprises stand for love in search of Shanghai are dependent, and love Shanghai search algorithm does not encourage innovation of enterprise website. This, in fact many owners feel very deep, if a video or animation, or what other innovative elements on the website, is likely to affect open speed website, which led to the website love Shanghai ranking search results decline, so a lot of personal sites tend to conservative design enterprises. Reason three: so, we have to ask: why love Shanghai algorithm do not favor the enterprise innovation we input the name of a product in Shanghai, we hope we find the enterprises, the industry should be more well-known, large scale, strong technical strength, I click on the link to buy the product in the enterprise website, is able to give me the greatest benefits, rather than a low quality grade, poor service a level of enterprise. From the user experience point of view, love Shanghai also hope to promote this result. So, love the Shanghai algorithm on the B2B website focusing on Web traces, pay more attention to the user of the product evaluation, focusing on web in the well-known sites where the position (chain), hope that the enterprise stand to a certain extent reflect the line strength, rather than marketing strength. So, love the Shanghai algorithm is not too […]

The three elements of your website to attract spider

before we attract spiders, we need to understand its preferences, spider search index of index as a tool, as can be imagined high quality content is like. If your content quality is high, the spider will feel more "delicious", then the spider will be more the favour of your site. So we should improve our site content from which aspects? First, is the content of the original, search engines love original content, if you are a reprint it included the weight of high site, and not pay attention to you, so as a webmaster, take some time to write the original article. Two: the number of articles, for spiders of course we cannot too stingy, as the best in more than 500 words. Third, the semantics of the text needs to be user-friendly, natural, not false original. if our Internet is a big spider web, then the search engine’s index is a spider. The spider crawling through our site. The spider crawling in relation to our site to crawl, if a site no spiders crawling, needless to say the snapshot not update, even the most basic included will also disappear. So how do we attract spider’s favor? The author summed up the three points, the author will do this in the following. attract spider you need a good mentality attract spider you need to give it a "netting" — the chain you need to attract spiders delicious food: imagine if you have delicious food, but you don’t have to guide it to grab spider webs, so in vain. It’s like our website, our website provides high quality content, how to make search engines found when we need the web?. We also can through the construction of the chain and the chain optimization. The construction of the chain we can publish the article in some high quality BBS, blog, website with links, can also attract spiders outside method through traditional Links. Internal link optimization, we need a reasonable design of our robots.txt file, use the nofollow or iframe shielding some unnecessary content framework, add > phase content in the article your website is seen not content included, not updated snapshot situation. I want to do for every webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er will encounter this kind of situation. The reason for this is no longer the spider crawling your site. So when we encounter this kind of situation we should do? My experience in that case we need a good mentality. Is the most important thing we do in a good state of mind in the process of optimization. This time we must hold the line, analysis of the recent operation, find the reasons caused the spider disgust, and regain the favor of spiders make your site through a series of operations. A good attitude is the basis for Shanghai dragon Er, so I will put this in the first three elements we attract spider.

The website ranking is not the ultimate purpose of marketing attention of visitors is king

site development stage of website: comfortable web browsing is what we need, in the page should also be the most interested users. Therefore, the website structure suits the needs of the user’s habits. Of course, all the links are also on the search spider has a guiding role, let it quickly climbed over every corner of the site. can enhance the site’s ranking is Shanghai dragon, can also be PPC. Shanghai Longfeng operation if there is a pattern, need to pay attention to the following aspects: just started SEM, we need to do some preparatory work, such as the positioning of the site, you should be aware of, this is the premise. In addition, the selection of key words is to prepare the content. SEM SEM SEM on the need to reach a clear and strong implementation plan, the planning oriented, analysis and judgment in the process of network marketing, choose suitable products and brand promotion marketing strategy. I will from the following three aspects: first, clear positioning of the website. The site is what to sell products, establish what brand. This position is clear, we can use the website promotion we want to achieve the business purpose. where to start?The ultimate goal of then select the target keywords. Because the site is for customer service, so do the website needs to pay more attention to the user experience. SEM should be oriented to the needs of users, as far as possible the use of user keyword search site. In particular, we love high heat, popular words, but other sites use keywords. Of course, such words are often hard to find, so must enhance the keywords ranking, web site has more advantages. In addition, we also need to investigate the same type of website, and see what they will take the keyword strategy. The structure of website content: pages must ensure the quality, is valuable, in order to meet the needs of users, allowing users to continue to pay attention to the website instead of a web page into the left. Therefore, the introduction of the website and user > is important? to search engine Optimization of often talk about Shanghai Longfeng, do website promotion indeed, Shanghai dragon can improve the site’s ranking, can increase the site visits, can also sell products website. But some people may have this idea, Shanghai dragon can achieve the effect of SEM, then the Shanghai dragon can replace SEM? The answer is no.. SEM marketing means many optimization techniques not only rely on the search engine ranking algorithm derived, can also be paid for site optimization, can also be through the network information coverage of brand promotion, to guide the user to choose. But SEM is one kind of marketing mode, it is based on low input, high return marketing concept, it is difficult to achieve the pure Shanghai dragon. analysis

The new ranking of those things

Love is not below the is not a novice webmaster or veteran webmaster, in this website enter the sandbox no quick solution, only patience update patient, little more than a month, an average of two months, more than three or four months, the search engine will let the website regain ranking. So, enter the sandbox for the new station old station are suffering. now many novice webmaster do not know how to do the chain, the chain is thought to the forum post, because the post can take signature, is in front of the chain. In fact, this understanding is not much wrong, but it is worth noting that now the forum signature effect as before, there is a novice often do not know the number of control post, post replies every day hundreds of times. The network or how to share the simple precautions to avoid site into the sandbox, hoped to enlighten novice webmaster; of course, this paper mainly affect the share of the chain, the other will not discuss. if you often query the site outside the chain, you will find the chain many websites have the query results page, simply is to query the website of a web site, this will add a chain to a web site. A few people make intelligent query tool, including thousands of query site, can turn into these website you enter the site, so that we can quickly increase hundreds or even thousands of the chain for this web site. This increases the chain effect is, for the new station is possible because a crowning calamity, so enter the search query. two, don’t crush the chain query tool to increase the chain now there are many online novice webmaster to love and love chat and discussion forum signature text is good or bad, many webmaster to be crazy in irrigation after half a month found website ranking surprisingly well, the original is unknown to the public, now suddenly appeared on the second page or home page, ranking to half a week after disappeared without trace. Many beginners do not know why this is, in fact, this is the so-called search engine sandbox. search engine on the sandbox is no clear explanation, can be interpreted as the search engine for site investigation, the site is placed in a no place; it can be interpreted as a search engine for the punishment of the website removed the website ranking, the site closed in no place. No matter how understanding into the search engine’s performance is the same, so is the site will still be included, there will still be a snapshot, just no ranking. , not superstition forum signature chain of Shanghai dragon even if it is only half of the post was collected, then the same will increase dozens of the chain, the chain that also does not cause the attention of search engines? Another is to buy some BBS signature card, users have to send every day outside the chain, […]

The website evaluation standard of excellent search engine can not do

! in the mobile Internet "reign of terror" in the feudal lords vying for the throne, love, Shanghai seemed suddenly silent, after WeChat easecredit, between the Internet and traditional upstart co operators and tangled, the electricity supplier bigwigs caught fighting, search engines started to love Shanghai, like a straight without proper way to enter the field, because a a APP software system, just click on the search without bypassing the search engine can enter, not the same as the pattern of the mobile Internet, search engine model, Shanghai may not love what needs to be done, just play "Baidu" status, answering all the questions is enough! " if a site for more than ten years will adhere to the operation? Of course in Shanghai Longfeng optimization means business website, no matter how the outside world has been changed, persist, perhaps, eventually websites rely on search engines is not very strong, Shanghai, the highest realm is the heart of Shanghai dragon, if your own website as a children’s life, the earliest phase, need some foreign power assist it, such as search engine traffic, such as Shanghai Longfeng way to get traffic, for instance with the payment means to promote rapid and let more people know, but the ultimate goal of these efforts is the site, can put down some external forces after that, he can walk. This is also an excellent website evaluation criteria, even if the search engine is down right, there are still users in, in a word, the search engine can’t touch me! recent rumors have mainly through Google access to customer resources with Amazon, Amazon’s strong rise, this situation is changing. Many data show that Amazon is to replace Google as the first user of the online shopping entrance. Study on the mechanism of Forrester in 2009 has done a survey, the results show that 1/4 consumers will Google as the first entrance to their own shopping, and the choice of the Amazon is only 18%. But in 2011, the research about the 1/3 structure completely overturned, consumers will start Amazon as the first online shopping entrance, and the choice of Google is only 13%. A study of ComScore2012’s report also showed that the direct product of Amazon’s search volume in 2011 rose by 73%, while Google has almost no change in what. YAHOO to abandon Chinese market, end a lot of people due to the cooperative relations between YAHOO and Alibaba group, combining e-commerce website and search engine, there will be a close, and the site is more vulnerable, rely on search engines more strong, until the net station with enough power, more the user through the search engine and directly click on the site can access, search engine becomes more and more weak, when the site has enough user base, and the establishment of a powerful search system in the station, when the O2O mode has been set, like Ali group and YAHOO cooperation, basically close to the end, because any business cooperation is in […]

The hidden contents of influence keywords ranking and how to choose the optimization of Shanghai dra

This interactive page classification search engine in addition to personal bias, the content is also a bias. There are several special content search engine welcome (mainly because of these types of content and improve the user experience of: ) The good interactive page blog hidden content search engine will be reduced certainly can not jump from the current page, but by Javascript or similar technologies to provide interactive, such as mortgage calculation tools, calendar of events, embed videos etc.. Above content to the user experience will be positive, such as to increase the residence time. classification is a collection of articles or goods. To search the user to the classification of the landing page, because the classification of topics and keywords, search users have more chance to find to find something from the classification of concentration, so the search engine for classification was higher than that of the individual in a single article is justified. Bing search engine special value classification of the landing page. Shanghai dragon hidden content is used to explain the problem of Shanghai dragon optimization two argument. With the rise of content marketing, some in Shanghai Longfeng optimization stressed content is greater than all. As long as the good content, natural high search keywords ranking. The content push search ranking faction called Content Shanghai Longfeng, related to the technical operation of a school called Technical Shanghai Longfeng. Techical Shanghai dragon is actually adjusting the structure of the website, through the understanding of search engine principle of web content, speed, mobile devices, user experience, security and so on to enhance the search ranking. There is no conflict, but sometimes difficult. Shanghai dragon hidden content is on the user experience. but the content is hidden, through Javascript interaction can display, hidden. Keywords Cloaking especially when the blog content has enough length but also can attract the audience. If the blog articles for a long time will soon be Dickinson (Republish, re released concept) search engine is more important, reason is that the search engine will assume that every change will make the content better, so it’s worth a higher ranking. Change the release date will lead to a search engine (Query Deserve Freshness) love. to recently a web client asks: how some hidden content is only search engine to see not seen by the user. The customer must have been bad in Shanghai dragon company misleading, still indulge in some ten years ago out of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method. This method is called a key Keyword Cloaking, search engine has been blocked and at any time may cause punishment. Absolutely should be avoided.

Summary of seven ways to make money online novice265 Rainbow Valley percentage to classification Com

is now the computer has everyone working life cannot do without the thing, more and more people began to come into contact with the network to make money in this industry, a lot of people want to make money through the computer network, but the network to make money is not like many novice friends like who can do, who do make money, after all, rely on the computer only a few people earn a lot of money, so today I share with you now for newbies through seven ways to make money online, in fact, every direction is done can make money, the key is to see if you have the determination, third, do their own standing, standing, is to let their own web site to improve access, browsing, as long as this up, then find you put advertising will also be more up. ! ! more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the

How do bloggers abroad earn tens of thousands of dollars a monthDuxter focus on lifestyle gaming com

RSS Subscriptions: 9954 build time: October 2005 ad format and fees: small button ads: $350 / week. Navigation banner: minimum $2000-3000 / week, sounds like Duxter’s business model is based on advertising, but it’s not the traditional profit model. "We don’t publish links anywhere and wait for clicks," says Mr bo. Duxter focuses on the connection between gamers and their favorite games and game brands." alexa rank: 4840 Author: two people, one full-time blog, one part-time update frequency: 20-40 per day. Duxter URL: duxter build time: January 2007 advertising formats and costs: shlf1314, Adsense, AdBrite, and online advertising; $500-5400, an ad position. pagerank:6 BusinessWeek recently published an article on how foreign top bloggers are making money. The blog alliance has categorized its articles and added a lot of content. If you need to reprint, please keep this link. The blog alliance will introduce these blogs in two parts, and then analyze the reasons why these blogs make so much money in blogs in third. traffic: PV for about 500000 days. Duxter interface, their ideal is to be a lifestyle oriented gaming community". technorati rank: 70 shoemoney > technorati rank: 2 build time: January 2000 icanhascheezburger blog revenues: about $150000 / year, pagerank:6 The use of RSS Subscriptions: Duxter has received $about 500000 seed financing, in addition to desktop clients, but also intends to further release the mobile version. "The biggest difference between Duxter and other websites is that the former focuses more on lifestyle than just game data," technorati rank: 24 Author: four people. blog theme: pictures about cats LinkedIn has become the occupation identity authentication center on the Internet, Facebook has become a social identity authentication center, therefore, a startup founder and chief executive officer of Duxter Adams · Libo Adams Lieb also want to beat Duxter aspiring, causing the game identity authentication center. pagerank:8 alexa rank: 2074 traffic: 20000 independent visitors / day blog revenues: over $1000000 a year,   is now flooded with games, social networking centers, but Adams says their product, Duxter, focuses on specific aspects of the gaming experience. For example, game player will usually share their data to Raptr games and achievements, Duxter also contains the recording function, and depth to a specific function of different games, Duxter supports more diverse social content. The ultimate goal of Duxter is to build an integrated platform that integrates all of the user’s gaming and social activities, which is why it began to compare with LinkedIn and Facebook. Duxter is also very convenient, when the user login, you can own the other game account service center and Duxter links, including Xbox Live, Playstation, World of Warcraft, Steam and YouTube etc.. At the same time, users can also pay attention to other game player game makers and public home page, in order to view a variety of game information, also can send information, to participate in the forum, visit the other game player watch video, play games and win the honor and so on. blog revenues: about […]

Old soldiers never die they just fade away real CDH investments has missed an eraHave a good idea of

first: do accurate flow to sell products I said here is sh419 bid, here you or you only need a beautiful web page instantly, agents can a relatively high profits products, or Taobao customers to choose high profit products, then do the bidding. Of course, is not so easy, do this kind of thing to slowly after experiment, experiment click conversion rate, once you hold to the standard when you can sleep. as a representative of old PE and VC, the definition of offbeat asset management platform with CDH investments is completely different. CDH investments, the old veteran line fund, a ban on the establishment of a source at the beginning of this century to Chinese Commission: "securities companies shall not engage in direct investment business." The ban made Wu Shangzhi, the founder, face unemployment after working for 7 years at the China International Capital Co. Then, have to colleagues founded later CDH investments. many owners actually have a lot of resources at hand, such as high PR website, advertising, have good writing skills, will be decorated with Taobao shop, see the service very much I have seen a lot of expert put these humble service sale explosion models, here is suitable for the promotion of the way I feel is sh419 and soso to ask, to answer some of the questions related to advertising, there are some high weights of the classified information website, I do not think to can make a website and then go to the SEO a keyword. is similar to Taobao, but here to do is the accurate flow, the novice can choose a product and do some long tail keywords, it is relatively easy to make up, I want to sell a product is worth the money you do a lot of traffic. Of course, with the opening of the popularity of Taobao alliance, Taobao customers are also more and more, and the competition is equally fierce, but I think it is better than the traditional flow. , CDH investments as the representative of the advanced productive forces, representing the top investment institutions Chinese, in the following four areas of fame, has created a high return: first, food, such as Mengniu, Yurun Shuanghui, etc.; two, retail and retail channels, such as Dixon, cninsure; three, consumer brand for example, Lining, BELLE sports shoes, Nanfu battery; four, new media, such as Focus Media, Air Media, Towona, etc.. these are my suggestions for the Wangzhuan, now I think these projects can still be done, of course, a lot of large flow master is doing, I’m just here to offer some ideas, hoping to help you. "   CDH an era of the past then, because of missing the Sohu, was founded by Shen Napeng sh419 and Ctrip, and its founder Wu Shangzhi realized that early investment is completely different from PE, so he found in the early stage of Wantong investment, was in the IDG as a partner of Wang Gongquan, who is responsible for early investment […]

sh419 PPC was questioned in September 14th formally charged customer rightsA NOKIA collapsed and 400

‘s first day in Finland began with NOKIA, the biggest concern. , a former employee of NOKIA, has set up 400 small companies in Finland." When Marco Polo, general manager of the innovation center of Finland, told the number, it was a surprise. what is now supporting power of Finland continue to innovate? By the Embassy of Finland "pure Finland" project of science and technology has been at the invitation of Tencent after National Day this year into Finland, to understand the technological innovation and investment in Finland. undoubtedly, NOKIA’s decline is emotional. When asked about the post NOKIA era, Finland foreign trade and European Affairs Minister Lenita Toivakka some emotion: NOKIA had indeed very powerful, but we would like to emphasize that the creation of the myth of people still. We have not lost this ability." these companies, including the already famous Jolla mobile phone companies, most companies are not as familiar to users, but invisible, the former NOKIA created the company has built a ICT ecological system in Finland. This ecosystem from the mobile phone hardware and software to the ICT security system, map navigation and NOKIA founded, plus the Angry birds developer Rovio, had boarded the apple App Store download charts of the game "tribal wars" developer supercell ICT, is a complete business environment. Abstract NOKIA’s former staff in Finland has established 400 start-up companies, which may be the next NOKIA. " is passionate about social and gaming   ," she admits, "there is no big like NOKIA in the past, and it’s not going to happen any time soon.". But because Finland’s universities pay great attention to scientific research and innovation, rather than bemoan the decline of NOKIA, it is better to explore these innovative small companies actively. They are "hidden treasures"". , Tencent, Zong Xiuqian, October 9th, Helsinki, is the most popular user of social apps and games in Finland unfortunately, last year, after NOKIA’s mobile phone business was sold to Microsoft, the familiar NOKIA seemed to be gone forever. At the end of a game cycle, Angry birds seems like a memory. in extensive network Beijing on September 14th news has been sh419 search engine to Chinese leader’s image of the media and the public’s favor. Recently, sh419 has entered an eventful year: experienced layoffs storm, MP3 downloading infringement case against, recently some customers even questioned the core business of sh419 PPC "suspected malicious clicks and malicious shield, and a lawyer at the sh419 Inc of today officially filed a lawsuit. Look at the report from Wang Siyuan, an economic reporter at the central station.